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 When Will Cannibal Come Back To Ireland?!
Posted by Cyanide_Assassin - 06-16-06 13:09 - 1 comments
This Member Has Not Chosen An Avatar Well, Cannibal Corpse Are My Favourite Death-Metal Band, Maybe Even My Favourite But I Never Went To One Of Their Concerts. They Played In Dublin Back In April But i Dont Live In Dublin!!! My Friends And Family In Dublin Got To See Cannibal But I Didnt!!! Cannibal Corpse Should Come To Donegal!!!
I Really Want To See Them Live ( Not The DVDs, LIVE!!!)
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 Band To Do A Tribute Album For CC
Posted by Cyanide_Assassin - 06-16-06 13:00 - 3 comments
This Member Has Not Chosen An Avatar Well, This Wont Happen...I Dont Think So Anyway!!! But What Band Should release A tribute Album For Cannibal Corpse???

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 So.. How Is The Enhanced Bleeding?
Posted by EZmoney - 06-16-06 01:56 - 3 comments
This Member Has Not Chosen An Avatar Howdy, how is the new bleeding. is it worth gettin if you have the old one?

When i bought the first 3 they came enhanced. When i got the bleeding it was normal, but autographed by all the original members and for the lowest price on amazon (tight)


I liked the fiirst 3 and everyone after the bleeding alot more than the bleeding though, infact apart from a few solos here & there the only song i really like off it is "Return to Flesh"

but maybe thats just me... Tell me what song u like & why eh?... That'd be pretty cool.


Also tell me how many of you get down more with the barnes era shit than the corpsegrinder shit? wink.gif i dunno man, I think they sound waaaaay more Hungry, Dangerous & fresh in the first 3 albums than that in the shit that came afterwards (despite what some call shitty production & in-de-ciph-ra-ble lyrics)

so yeah... Im drunk... Lemme hear yer opinion though.
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 Best Cannibal Corpse Video Idea
Posted by Cyanide_Assassin - 06-15-06 12:54 - 8 comments

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 Pics Of Pat's 7 String?
Posted by DiezelMonster - 06-14-06 20:23 - 17 comments
Hey you sicko's

I'm getting a BC Rich 7 string V built and since I'm an unoriginal bastard I'm looking for some good pics to send to the custom shop so they can get my guitar RIGHT! taz.gif

Anyhow I'm looking for good closeups of Pat' 7 string BC Rich V
also any shots you have from magazines or catalogs!

thanks you guys!


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 Best Live Cannibal Corpse Song
Posted by Cyanide_Assassin - 06-14-06 13:14 - 13 comments
This Member Has Not Chosen An Avatar I Think Dormant Bodies Bursting But All Of Them Are Awesome Live!!! biggrin.gif

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 Dying Fetus To Tour With Cannibal Corpse.
Posted by CHRIS FROM MD - 06-13-06 20:08 - 12 comments
I just found out that these two bands will start touring with each other starting in Nov, of this year. I have been waiting for these two bands to tour with each other for a long time. I'm really looking forward to see Dying Fetus since haven't played live for awhile. Everyone look out for this tour starting soon it will be a kill 1,2 punch.
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 Favorite Cannibal Corpse Album
Posted by Bloodymarmalade - 06-13-06 16:17 - 16 comments
Mines Tomb of the Mutilated, it's an awesome kick ass album! But hey, what's yours?

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