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The Guitar Tone Of Cannibal Corpse's Jack Owen

Presenting the Digitech XMM "Metal Master" Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal. One of the most flexible metal distortions available. The level control allows you to adjust the output to match the output of your guitar's pickups, and the two bands of EQ let you drill in that 'nightmare' tone. The X-Series Morph control allows Digitech's Audio DNA to blend your tone through a wide range of distortion models ranging from stright up cranked boogie to truely terrifying.

Jack Owen

  • It also has Spectral- contouring Equalization which gives you wider, stronger EQ control than ever before
  • And that's not all! The Metal Master not only has a normal output, it also has a second output that has cabinet emulation so you can go direct to board
  • Name anyone else with those features!
  • Metal distortion morphing
  • Spectal-contouring EQ

List Price: $129.95
Price: $79.95
You Save: $50.00 (38%)
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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