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( Frequently Asked Questions )

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Cannibal Corpse along with their answers. Feel free to post any additional questions in the forums.

1. Who founded Cannibal Corpse ?

Cannibal Corpse was founded in 1988 from the remaining members of two Buffalo New York area bands Tirant Sin and Beyond Death. The Original Members of the band are Alex Webster, Chris Barnes, Paul Mazurkewicz, Bob Rusay, and Jack Owen.

2. Is Cannibal Corpse really banned in some countrys ?

Well sort of. The sale or display of their first three albums "Eaten Back To Life", "Butchered At Birth", and "Tomb Of The Mutilated" is forbidden by law in the country of Germany. The band is also forbidden to perform any songs from these albums when they play there. Cannibal Corpse live albums and compliation albums are available in Germany in special versions without these songs.

3. Who is that speaking at the beginning of "Addicted To Vaginal Skin" ?

Because of the liner notes on Tomb Of The Mutilated that feature quotations from American serial killer Albert Fish, Fish is often incorrectly credited with being the voice at the beginning of Addicted To Vaginal Skin. However Fish was electrocuted at New York's Sing-Sing penetentiary in 1936. The taped confession that you hear at the beginning of the song most likely belongs to the "Genesee River Killer" Arthur Shawcross.

4. What album is the Sepultura Cover "Roots Bloody Roots" on ?

Cannibal Corpse never covered roots bloody roots. This rumor started when someone placed an mp3 of some unknown band playing "Roots Bloody Roots" on filesharing networks and mislabeled it as Cannibal Corpse. The song you downloaded is not Cannibal Corpse.

5. Why did Cannibal Corpse record "Stripped, Raped, and Strangled" with Tori Amos ?

They didn't. This is another case of rumors started by filesharing. The Stripped, Raped, and Strangled Tori Amos mix is a joke that someone uploaded to filesharing networks after overdubbing Cannibal Corpse's song with anti-rape comments made by Tori Amos.

6. What equipment does Cannibal Corpse use on their albums ?

Well it changes from album to album of course, but some things are pretty consistent. Jack Owen plays Schecter and Brian Moore guitars, Crate amps, and Digitech 2100 effects. Alex plays Spector and Modulous basses and uses Ampeg amplification. Pat O'Brien plays BC Rich guitars and uses Mesa Boogie amplification. Paul plays Tama Drums and Paiste cymbols.

7. Why did Chris Barnes, Bob Rusay, Rob Barret, and Jack Owen leave ?

Chris Barnes was fired from the band for musical differences and being difficult to work with. Bob Rusay quit the band for a life outside of the music business. Rob Barret left Cannibal Corpse to return to his band Malevolent Creation and remains on good terms with the members of Cannibal Corpse. Jack Owen left the band to pursue other more mainstream musical interests with his new band Adrift.

8. What other bands have Cannibal Corpse members been in ?

Chris Barnes was originally in Tirant Sin along with Paul Mazurkewicz. Chris now sings for his own band "Six Feet Under". Paul and Jack Owen have played in side project "Path Of Man". Rob Barret has also played with Malevolent Creation. Pat O'Brien previously played with progressive power-metal band "Nevermore" before joining Cannibal Corpse. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher sang for "Monstrosity" before joining the Cannibals after Chris Barnes was fired, and Jack Owen currently plays with Adrift. Replacement tour guitarist Jeremy Turner also plays with technical death metal band "Origin".

9. What tunings do Cannibal Corpse use on their songs ?

Cannibal Corpse tunes their instruments down 1/2 step to E flat ( B flat ) when playing on seven string guitars.

10. Do Cannibal Corpse have subliminal messages in their music ?

Well it would hardly seem necessary, because Cannibal Corpse has always tried to have the most offensive lyrical content possible, but the answer is yes. During the introduction to the song "Meathook Sodomy" when played backwards the phrases "Dead Bodies Give Me Pleasure" and "I Love To Fuck The Corpses Of Children" can be heard. Remarkably, the song is even more offensive when played forward.

11. Who does all the cool cover art for Cannibal Coprse ?

Cannibal Corpse's cover art has always been done by the artist Vincent Locke illustrator of the cult gore comic "Dead World".

12. When will Cannibal Corpse play in my city, state, or country ?

If you browse our website, you will see that we post the latest tourdates and schedules as soon as we know about them in the Cannibal Corpse Calendar. You should also check their official site for tour announcements.

13. How do I book Cannibal Corpse for a concert ?

Contact Cannibal Corpse to book them for a show a bookings@cannibalcorpse.net.

14. How do I contact the band directly ?

Please don't send your fanmail to this site! We get loads of e-mail all the time for Cannibal Corpse, but this is an unofficial fan site only. If you want to email the band send your fan mail directly to them at band@cannibalcorpse.net.

15. What exactly did Bob Dole say about Cannibal Corpse ?

In a 1996 vice-presidential campaign speech Bob Dole blamed Cannibal Corpse for "numbing exposure to graphic violence. Read all about it here.

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