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Cannibal Corpse

15 Year Killing Spree

Produced by Brian Slagel and Tracy Vera
Compiled By Brian Slagel and Cannibal Corpse

15 Year Killing Spree
publisher: Metal Blade, released: 04 November, 2003
price: $54.98 (new), $20.00 (used)

Cannibal Corpse's boxed set "15 Year Killing Spree" was truly the best death metal release of 2003. Appropriately named, this amazing boxed set chronicles the history of Death Metal's ultimate band, "Cannibal Corpse".

This collectable boxed set comes packed with Cannibal Corpse goodies including a poster of the band ( two thousand of which are autographed by the band themselves ), an official Cannibal Corpse guitar pick, and an incredible book of photographs and history of the band.

The boxed set consists of an incredible four disks, providing hours of the brutal death metal that Cannibal Corpse is so well known for.

The first two disks, Best Of Volume I and II, cover the greatest recorded moments in Cannibal Corpse history, including the best songs from their studio albums as well as some awesome live tracks where Cannibal Corpse's mastery of the death metal genre is most aptly demonstrated.

The third disk, previously unreleased material contains the almost impossible to find '89 demo'. Five of Cannibal Corpse's earliest songs recorded with original singer Chris Barnes. Though the production of the songs and in particular Barnes' vocals were better on Eaten Back To Life, the coveted demo sounds great on the boxed set CD. Much better than multigeneration copies that Cannibal Corpse's fans had been trading for years.

Also in the unreleased material is the equally hard to obtain 'Created To Kill Sessions'. This recording marks the bands last recorded works with Chris Barnes before George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher took over on vocals. The material on 'Created To Kill' was later recorded with Corpsegrinders much better vocals and released as 'Vile'. A demo version of 'Gallery Of Suicide' is also included as well as a few excellent covers of songs by metal pioneers Kreator, Razor, and The Accused.

The fourth disk alone would be worth the price of the boxed set, as its an amazing DVD. The DVD features an interview with Jack, Paul, and Alex as they introduce the three concert performances. First up is the very first Cannibal Corpse performance. Though the video and audio quality is not the best, you can easily get into such classic songs as 'Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains', 'The Undead Will Feast', and of course it just wouldn't be a Cannibal Corpse show without 'A Skull Full Of Maggots'.

Next up on the DVD is the often bootlegged Moscow concert 'Cannibal Corpse Eats Moscow Alive'. Despite the band being unhappy with the sound quality of the recording, it sounds great and the video is terrific. In addition to the concert, there is footage of the band as they tour Moscow.

Finally the DVD ends with Cannibal Corpse playing yet another concert. This time at The Palace in Hollywood for 2002's Metalblade Anniversary party ( Pictures ). If there was ever any question about the less than perfect quality of the other concerts, its more than made up for in this show. While watching the band's intro 'From Skin To Liquid' you get the feeling that whats being recorded is one of those perfect nights where a band can do no wrong. And Cannibal Corpse delivers. They tear through ten amazing songs including the old-school 'Meat Hook Sodomy' and 'Addicted To Vaginal Skin' as well as their masterpieces from 2002's 'Gore Obsessed' 'Pit Of Zombies' and 'Savage Butchery'.

Of course no Cannibal Corpse collection would be complete without some truly sick Cover Artwork by Vincent Locke himself. The cover art is fantasticly brutal and bloody, and the boxed set includes an incredible comic book depiction of 'Unleashing The Bloodthirsty'.

This boxed set is an incredible value for the Cannibal Corpse collector, as well as the new fan who is just discovering Cannibal Corpse. Five Stars *****.

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