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The following is the complete transcript of the online chat that took place in the tombofthemutilated.net chat room on Dec. 21, 2005. This is "basically" the complete transcript, I've only edited it to remove references to someone logging in, logging off, and stuff like that. All the chat stuff is here.

12/21/05 18:53:24 Mutilated1: OK guys I just got a PM from Alex, he'll be signing on at 7 sharp
12/21/05 18:53:24 Face_Smasher: and ate it.
12/21/05 18:53:33 Mutilated1: and get this
12/21/05 18:53:35 Tino_Tonitini: k
12/21/05 18:53:37 Face_Smasher: K
12/21/05 18:53:40 AGENT_ORANGE: wow lots of ppl
12/21/05 18:53:42 excoriationperu: cool
12/21/05 18:53:43 Irate_Nate: sweetness swetness
12/21/05 18:53:44 Chulo: It' near
12/21/05 18:53:46 excoriationperu: yeahhhhhh
12/21/05 18:53:47 Mutilated1: Rob and Paul will probably be online too
12/21/05 18:53:49 Tino_Tonitini: where is Greg?!?
12/21/05 18:53:53 excoriationperu: wtf!
12/21/05 18:53:55 tronics: Nice!
12/21/05 18:53:58 Mutilated1: yeah
12/21/05 18:53:59 Chulo: shit thats fucking good
12/21/05 18:53:59 Livergrinder: :P
12/21/05 18:53:59 excoriationperu: what about pat muti?
12/21/05 18:54:00 Tino_Tonitini: SufferInTruth
12/21/05 18:54:00 BitterSweet: ok everybody
12/21/05 18:54:01 Face_Smasher: LOOL COOL AWESOME ROFL
12/21/05 18:54:01 Yan: rob and paul as well?
12/21/05 18:54:04 Yan: killer
12/21/05 18:54:06 excoriationperu: what about pat?
12/21/05 18:54:09 Mutilated1: he did not say
12/21/05 18:54:12 BitterSweet: remeber ONE QUESTION AT A TIME PLEASE
12/21/05 18:54:14 excoriationperu: :(
12/21/05 18:54:19 Chulo: George ?
12/21/05 18:54:20 excoriationperu: omg my heroe pat
12/21/05 18:54:23 Tino_Tonitini: I'm ultra surprised Greg (SufferInTruth) is not here
12/21/05 18:54:29 Brandon_sCorpse: whats a good guitar tab site?
12/21/05 18:54:30 VILE666: so am i dude
12/21/05 18:54:32 BitterSweet: let them answer before someone else asks another one
12/21/05 18:54:34 Yan: metaltabs
12/21/05 18:54:45 excoriationperu: if u know spanish check www,guitarraonline.com
12/21/05 18:54:49 excoriationperu: .ar
12/21/05 18:54:50 SAlpsu: i use chordie.com
12/21/05 18:54:52 Face_Smasher: Who asks first?
12/21/05 18:54:55 excoriationperu: XD
12/21/05 18:55:04 BitterSweet: Mutilated should i guess
12/21/05 18:55:08 Funeral_Fog: metaltabs is a good one
12/21/05 18:55:09 excoriationperu: yeh
12/21/05 18:55:09 tronics: metaltabs.com
12/21/05 18:55:13 tronics: yeah fog
12/21/05 18:55:15 vomitor: best
12/21/05 18:55:17 Livergrinder: I just want to say hello
12/21/05 18:55:19 Tino_Tonitini: i read that they're cracking down on guitar tab sites
12/21/05 18:55:19 Livergrinder: and go to sleep
12/21/05 18:55:22 excoriationperu: but dont trust in website tabs man
12/21/05 18:55:27 Mutilated1: ask away, just be polite and don't interrupt each other
12/21/05 18:55:28 Brandon_sCorpse: ok illbe adding them to favorited thanks guys
12/21/05 18:55:30 Face_Smasher: if you have a program calle dPowerTab, powertabs.com is good
12/21/05 18:55:34 Tino_Tonitini: i use metaltabs.com
12/21/05 18:55:38 Tino_Tonitini: when i look for good tabs
12/21/05 18:55:39 tronics: mxtabs.net is good too, but appears to be down today
12/21/05 18:55:45 Face_Smasher: 5 more minutes, guys
12/21/05 18:55:45 Mutilated1: I use my ears
12/21/05 18:55:46 VILE666: yeah powertabs is good
12/21/05 18:55:51 tronics: olga.com is alright as well
12/21/05 18:55:52 excoriationperu: cannot fucking wait
12/21/05 18:55:53 Tino_Tonitini: guitaretabs.com is good
12/21/05 18:55:55 Chulo: cant wait
12/21/05 18:56:01 EYEHATEGOD: 5 minutes til what
12/21/05 18:56:02 excoriationperu: wish pat was here
12/21/05 18:56:11 excoriationperu: hes the one i wante to talk
12/21/05 18:56:14 Face_Smasher: Play From Skin to Liquid. By the time that one is over, he'll be here
12/21/05 18:56:20 Mutilated1: excoriationperu thought this idea up guys - you should all think him
12/21/05 18:56:21 excoriationperu: but shit cannibalcorpse is cannibalcorpse
12/21/05 18:56:24 Orange: Agent_Orange ;f
12/21/05 18:56:30 Agent_Orange: ikkk
12/21/05 18:56:33 EYEHATEGOD: is alex coming today i thought it was yesturday
12/21/05 18:56:33 Face_Smasher: 5 minutes till Alex gets here, EHG
12/21/05 18:56:34 Vaginal_Blood_Fart > Souless: yo man'
12/21/05 18:56:37 Chulo: we should do shuff like this all the time
12/21/05 18:56:39 excoriationperu: XD
12/21/05 18:56:45 EYEHATEGOD: awesome cos hes online anonymosly
12/21/05 18:56:45 Tino_Tonitini: I'm gonna be listening to Buried in the Backyard now
12/21/05 18:56:46 Orange: Agent_Orange sled 7 min trebe da e tuka chofeka
12/21/05 18:56:46 Orange: :D
12/21/05 18:56:55 Orange: opa 5
12/21/05 18:56:56 Agent_Orange: dream on :D
12/21/05 18:57:03 VILE666: orange how u changin ur name?
12/21/05 18:57:04 Chulo: To Kill Is Why I Live
12/21/05 18:57:04 Orange: she viish
12/21/05 18:57:08 Irate_Nate: hows that doober coming along VBF???
12/21/05 18:57:13 vomitor: Bloodlands yeeeeh
12/21/05 18:57:13 Hammer_Smashed_Bass Logs in
12/21/05 18:57:15 Brandon_sCorpse: thanks for the guitar tab site guys
12/21/05 18:57:18 Brandon_sCorpse: sites*
12/21/05 18:57:21 Orange: VILE666 ./n
12/21/05 18:57:22 Agent_Orange: Orange ..... err ... sure
12/21/05 18:57:24 Yan: welcome =]
12/21/05 18:57:26 Mutilated1: changing user names is disabled for non-ops till after the chat with Cannibal Corpse
12/21/05 18:57:32 Mutilated1: we'll turn it back on after that
12/21/05 18:57:37 excoriationperu: i wonder if pat or rob are publishing some tabs
12/21/05 18:57:38 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Hey, what's up everybody?
12/21/05 18:57:43 Funeral_Fog: Hey alex
12/21/05 18:57:43 Mutilated1: Hey
12/21/05 18:57:45 Livergrinder: :)
12/21/05 18:57:45 excoriationperu: heeeeeeeeeeeeeey
12/21/05 18:57:46 Orange: Hi man!!!
12/21/05 18:57:47 wardepartment: Hi Alex
12/21/05 18:57:47 EYEHATEGOD: hey alex mate
12/21/05 18:57:48 Face_Smasher: Sup man
12/21/05 18:57:49 VILE666: sup alex
12/21/05 18:57:49 Yan: hey guy
12/21/05 18:57:51 vomitor: hy
12/21/05 18:57:51 lambknot: hey man
12/21/05 18:57:52 Chulo: Hail
12/21/05 18:57:54 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: just finished
12/21/05 18:57:55 Takou: hey alex
12/21/05 18:57:56 SAlpsu: heil
12/21/05 18:57:56 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: better
12/21/05 18:57:57 Mutilated1 Grants Administrative Privileges to Hammer_Smashed_Bass
12/21/05 18:58:00 excoriationperu: we salute you
12/21/05 18:58:03 Ender�s_Corpse: hey, dude, Alexander the Great
12/21/05 18:58:04 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Damn, there's a lot of you here tonight, killer!
12/21/05 18:58:12 Corpse_Servent: Hello Alex, are the rumours true about Cannibal Corpse touring Australia next year?
12/21/05 18:58:12 excoriationperu: the ones that will die
12/21/05 18:58:14 excoriationperu: salut u
12/21/05 18:58:15 crypticsmell: fucking alex \m/
12/21/05 18:58:17 Irate_Nate: welcome Alex!!
12/21/05 18:58:17 Mutilated1: Thanks so much for chatting with us
12/21/05 18:58:18 ROB_BARRETT Logs in
12/21/05 18:58:19 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: hey man
12/21/05 18:58:25 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yes, the Aussie tour is in the works!
12/21/05 18:58:27 VILE666: yes, thankyou much!
12/21/05 18:58:29 Face_Smasher: Yeah thanks.
12/21/05 18:58:30 Tino_Tonitini: welcomel Aex
12/21/05 18:58:33 excoriationperu: WHAT ABOUT SOUTHAMERICA
12/21/05 18:58:38 Face_Smasher: And thanks Excoriationperu for the idea
12/21/05 18:58:40 Tino_Tonitini: Welcome Alex* my fault
12/21/05 18:58:41 crypticsmell: Alex, you guys need to hit up oklahoma when you tour the states next
12/21/05 18:58:57 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: South America isn't on the list yet, but I'm sure we'll get down ther for KILL
12/21/05 18:58:58 ROB_BARRETT Logs in
12/21/05 18:59:02 excoriationperu: :(
12/21/05 18:59:02 ROB_BARRETT Logs Out
12/21/05 18:59:06 Agent_Orange Logs Out
12/21/05 18:59:09 Yan: Alex, is there any chance CC will make an appearance in Israel?
12/21/05 18:59:10 Corpse_Servent: YES!!!\m/
12/21/05 18:59:10 excoriationperu: cool!
12/21/05 18:59:15 Yan: ever?
12/21/05 18:59:20 Meat_Hook_Sodomy: hey kidds, i hope im not late
12/21/05 18:59:22 VILE666: hey alex, any idea when your gunna hit up Minnesota?
12/21/05 18:59:24 Livergrinder: I'm sure you'll come to Spain on april, so see you there ;)
12/21/05 18:59:25 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yeah, it's been a while since we played in OK too. There's bunch of places we need to go!
12/21/05 18:59:33 Corpse_Servent: And also, when you do come to Australia will you guys choose which bands open for you? or will someone else?
12/21/05 18:59:34 Funeral_Fog: oh dammit i gotta go. damn cya all later. peace ALEX hope to see u on tour
12/21/05 18:59:36 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, what's your opinion on Atheist original bassist Roger Patterson?
12/21/05 18:59:43 crypticsmell: Haha devin
12/21/05 18:59:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: OK, cya FF
12/21/05 18:59:47 Irate_Nate: later Funeral
12/21/05 18:59:51 vomitor: could we expect some live DVD 2006/2007
12/21/05 18:59:52 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: hows it playing with rob again
12/21/05 18:59:53 VILE666: VILE666 /n VILE
12/21/05 19:00:12 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Playing with Rob again is killer man. It's like he never left.
12/21/05 19:00:14 Tino_Tonitini: hi Patrick
12/21/05 19:00:15 Face_Smasher: So what is the average song legnth for the new album?
12/21/05 19:00:19 Irate_Nate: awesome to hear that
12/21/05 19:00:49 Face_Smasher: Oh, and my sister says hi.
12/21/05 19:00:53 lambknot: how bout canada in toronto? when will u come?
12/21/05 19:00:56 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: hes fuckin pro. barrett shreds. i saw him last april at the nw death fest in seattle!
12/21/05 19:00:57 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: OK, I'm gonna have to type fast, LOL...In Aus, we're not sure who will play with us.....
12/21/05 19:01:07 excoriationperu: when do u think u guys are starting gigs (specially southamericans) for KILL?
12/21/05 19:01:14 Corpse_Servent: Oh ok then, thank you.
12/21/05 19:01:16 AGENT_ORANGE: Hay Alex when we can expect something like Live Canniblaism part 2?
12/21/05 19:01:18 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: The average song length of the new album is probably about 3 and a half minutes
12/21/05 19:01:23 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: alex , im an atheist fan ....do you feel bad how they were recieved on your totm tour?
12/21/05 19:01:23 Mutilated1: So do we understand that "KILL" is completely finsihed now ?
12/21/05 19:02:01 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: kill!! hahahaha thats seriously so priceless alex! lol
12/21/05 19:02:15 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Atheist was on our Butchered tour. They had quite a few good nights actually, but they had a couple of bad ones too. It sucks, cuz those guys ripped.
12/21/05 19:02:16 VILE666: any idea when you guys are coming up to Minnesota?
12/21/05 19:02:26 Meat_Hook_Sodomy: Alex, people on the official forum want to know if there will be a bonus dvd? any idea?
12/21/05 19:02:32 BitterSweet: One Question at a time please, let the guy answer first :)
12/21/05 19:02:43 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Minnesota will almost certainly be on our summer 2006 tour
12/21/05 19:02:51 Yan: will Kill sound more like TWS rather then any other CC album?
12/21/05 19:02:54 excoriationperu: alex when u guys are starting gigs for kill? specially for southamerica
12/21/05 19:03:03 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, what did you think of Rgoer Patterson?
12/21/05 19:03:09 crypticsmell: Alex, out of all the tours you guys have did for your album releases, which one was your personal favorite?
12/21/05 19:03:12 Tino_Tonitini: Roger Patterson, rather.
12/21/05 19:03:19 EYEHATEGOD: i dont think their listening clara lol
12/21/05 19:03:26 BitterSweet: i dont either Tom
12/21/05 19:03:26 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yan..I don't know, the music will have to speak for itself. I think it's faster than TWS, that's for sure....
12/21/05 19:03:45 Irate_Nate: fuckin a
12/21/05 19:03:46 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: SWEET!
12/21/05 19:03:48 lambknot: will u come to toronto? canada?
12/21/05 19:03:48 Corpse_Servent: Right on\m/
12/21/05 19:03:51 Meat_Hook_Sodomy: BitterSweet, I agree...dont storm the man lol
12/21/05 19:03:56 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Roger Patterson ruled. One of the greatest metal bassists ever.
12/21/05 19:04:03 Brandon_sCorpse: What gauge bass strings do you use? and are they DR Bass strings?
12/21/05 19:04:04 Face_Smasher: Has CG broken his record for scream length
12/21/05 19:04:09 Tino_Tonitini: i agree, Alex :)
12/21/05 19:04:11 excoriationperu: gigis for kill plz?:)
12/21/05 19:04:17 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Oh yeah Toronto will happen, of course, it's killer up there.
12/21/05 19:04:27 VILE666: is it more like older Cannibal Corpse, or Newer Cannibal Corpse?
12/21/05 19:04:33 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: DR strings, 45 to 125 hi beams
12/21/05 19:04:35 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: what son(s) did rob contribute on?
12/21/05 19:04:37 Brandon_sCorpse: thank you
12/21/05 19:04:40 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: songs
12/21/05 19:04:45 lambknot: thankx man!
12/21/05 19:04:47 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Barbaric Bludgeonings
12/21/05 19:04:50 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: cool
12/21/05 19:04:53 vomitor: have you guys thought about next live DVD
12/21/05 19:04:59 Mutilated1 > excoriationperu: thats all they have planeed so far
12/21/05 19:05:00 vomitor: thnx
12/21/05 19:05:03 Livergrinder: thanx Alex for being here....It's late here and have to go to sleep.....hope to see you in April and say hello to Paul!!!! I can't wait to hear KILL
12/21/05 19:05:18 Livergrinder: god night everybody :)
12/21/05 19:05:21 Irate_Nate: take care Livergrinder
12/21/05 19:05:22 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: (best death metal album name ever)
12/21/05 19:05:23 EYEHATEGOD: later
12/21/05 19:05:23 Souless: nite
12/21/05 19:05:24 Yan: Later dude
12/21/05 19:05:24 Corpse_Servent: Yeah man.Thanks heaps for chatting Alex.
12/21/05 19:05:26 excoriationperu: buenas noches cari�o
12/21/05 19:05:29 vomitor: good night dude
12/21/05 19:05:29 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Well, we have the entire Wacken live peerformance on DVD, but I don't know what we'll do with it....It looks pretty good...
12/21/05 19:05:36 lambknot: will there be any bass solos on the new record?
12/21/05 19:05:41 vomitor: all right man
12/21/05 19:05:41 Tino_Tonitini: Does "KILL" stand for something?
12/21/05 19:05:45 Irate_Nate: Liver is a she btw heh
12/21/05 19:05:51 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: SWEET
12/21/05 19:05:57 Livergrinder: :)
12/21/05 19:05:58 Tino_Tonitini: Goodnight Livergrinder
12/21/05 19:06:00 crypticsmell: the wacken performance was with jeremey wasnt it?
12/21/05 19:06:01 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Damn, leaving already? it must be late where some of you are....
12/21/05 19:06:04 excoriationperu: adios nena
12/21/05 19:06:05 Chulo: yeah the DVD is ging to rule
12/21/05 19:06:10 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: alex ....is frantic disembowlment ...a scary one to try live ???
12/21/05 19:06:10 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: LOL
12/21/05 19:06:13 BitterSweet: Livergrinder is in Spain
12/21/05 19:06:13 excoriationperu: here in peru its 7pm
12/21/05 19:06:15 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yeah, Wacken was with Jeremy
12/21/05 19:06:15 EYEHATEGOD: i just woke up here in australia
12/21/05 19:06:16 Yan: its about 2 am here
12/21/05 19:06:17 Livergrinder: yes..here in Spain is 1 am
12/21/05 19:06:21 Mutilated1: yeah we're from all over the world
12/21/05 19:06:23 BitterSweet: :)
12/21/05 19:06:25 Irate_Nate: yeah,give a shoutout of your loc real quick peeps ;)
12/21/05 19:06:31 crypticsmell: Oklahomo
12/21/05 19:06:32 SAlpsu: toronto
12/21/05 19:06:36 BitterSweet: Tennessee
12/21/05 19:06:39 Chulo: From fLorida
12/21/05 19:06:40 Mutilated1: Alabama USA
12/21/05 19:06:42 SufferInTruth: Scotland.
12/21/05 19:06:42 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: 406 in san fran..
12/21/05 19:06:42 Irate_Nate: West Virginia
12/21/05 19:06:43 vomitor: 2am in Estonia
12/21/05 19:06:44 excoriationperu: trujillo-peru
12/21/05 19:06:45 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: toronto
12/21/05 19:06:47 Face_Smasher: Indiana
12/21/05 19:06:47 Chulo: florda
12/21/05 19:06:48 VILE666: ST. PAUL MINNESOTA
12/21/05 19:06:48 Yan: Isareal
12/21/05 19:06:49 Souless: DETROIT MICHIGAN
12/21/05 19:06:51 Ender�s_Corpse: Santiago
12/21/05 19:06:54 Chulo: florida
12/21/05 19:06:54 Yan: Israel**
12/21/05 19:06:55 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Everything is open late in Spain, though, isn't it? When we played Barcelona, we partied until 7am!
12/21/05 19:07:05 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: nice
12/21/05 19:07:09 Irate_Nate: kickass lol
12/21/05 19:07:11 tronics: Sydney Australia... still thinking of touring here next year Alex?
12/21/05 19:07:12 excoriationperu: haha
12/21/05 19:07:12 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Damn, this is worldwide here, awesome!!
12/21/05 19:07:12 Livergrinder: I know, but tomorrow I have to work
12/21/05 19:07:13 Takou: Alex ! When are you guys will come to latvia?
12/21/05 19:07:13 EYEHATEGOD: youll do the same here my freind lol
12/21/05 19:07:17 Tino_Tonitini: yo Greg!
12/21/05 19:07:22 Livergrinder: see you soon!!! Here Susana
12/21/05 19:07:35 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yeah, Australia will happen, 90% sure of it.
12/21/05 19:07:37 crypticsmell: Surfer in truth! :redneck:
12/21/05 19:07:42 Tino_Tonitini: :redneck:
12/21/05 19:07:42 excoriationperu: buenas noches precisao
12/21/05 19:07:42 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: alex ......it is the truth isnt it ??? toronto fans are nuts --sick !!!
12/21/05 19:07:43 SufferInTruth: Hey guys. :redneck:
12/21/05 19:07:44 tronics: fantastic.
12/21/05 19:07:46 Chulo: coll
12/21/05 19:07:50 Irate_Nate: hi Suffer
12/21/05 19:07:52 Face_Smasher: Hi Suffer
12/21/05 19:07:54 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Hasta luego Susana!
12/21/05 19:08:01 Livergrinder: adios!! :)
12/21/05 19:08:05 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 19:08:05 Tino_Tonitini: later
12/21/05 19:08:09 excoriationperu: alex hablas espa�ol tambien verdad?
12/21/05 19:08:10 wardepartment: good night Susanna
12/21/05 19:08:10 Irate_Nate: later
12/21/05 19:08:14 crypticsmell: I hopen yener makes it to the chat
12/21/05 19:08:17 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i wanted to go see mike stern with denis chambers on drums tonihet.. sold out tho
12/21/05 19:08:24 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, do you use bass distortion?
12/21/05 19:08:35 Meat_Hook_Sodomy: I'd like to be able to travel...being a teenager puts a lot of restrictions on you
12/21/05 19:08:39 excoriationperu: nahh i think he just gets the emgs
12/21/05 19:08:43 lambknot: will u play any bass solos? on KILL?
12/21/05 19:08:44 excoriationperu: right?
12/21/05 19:08:44 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: un pocito, pero no hablo bien...
12/21/05 19:08:49 crypticsmell: Alex, favorite song to play off of EBTL?
12/21/05 19:08:49 excoriationperu: ok
12/21/05 19:09:02 Tino_Tonitini: EBTL = Eaten Back to Life
12/21/05 19:09:09 excoriationperu: alex are u still using the emgs instead of bass distortion?
12/21/05 19:09:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Undead will feast, all the way!!
12/21/05 19:09:11 Tino_Tonitini: just to help ya out, Alex
12/21/05 19:09:15 Takou: Alex when you will come to Latvia ?
12/21/05 19:09:24 crypticsmell: fuck yeah, thats my favorite song off of that album alex! \m/
12/21/05 19:09:24 Chulo: Yeah My favorite
12/21/05 19:09:28 SAlpsu: will u guys ever do classic covers?
12/21/05 19:09:28 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex what model is your ampeg cabinet?
12/21/05 19:09:31 SAlpsu: like 6fu?
12/21/05 19:09:32 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: YEp, EMGs are in all of the basses I use for Cannibal.
12/21/05 19:09:33 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i love edible autopsy
12/21/05 19:09:36 excoriationperu: ok
12/21/05 19:09:39 VILE666: Hey Alex what was it like being in Ace Ventura?
12/21/05 19:09:39 Yan: Any chance about an appearance here in Isarel? (please god say yes!)
12/21/05 19:09:44 Mutilated1: that version you guys do of UWF on Worm Infested is awesomeness
12/21/05 19:10:06 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i like the remake better too
12/21/05 19:10:07 Chulo: I aggree
12/21/05 19:10:08 Face_Smasher: So, have you ever considered playing Disfigured live? Lots of people like that one.
12/21/05 19:10:10 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Israel would be great, but we need to talk with a promoter.
12/21/05 19:10:16 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: alex , in toronto ...the opener was shredded humans .......perfect!!!
12/21/05 19:10:25 Yan: i hope youll make it :) thanks
12/21/05 19:10:27 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Disfigured might make it into the live set.
12/21/05 19:10:31 Tino_Tonitini: I think CC should play all over the world
12/21/05 19:10:31 lambknot: why did u choose no remorse for a cover? will u do any more?
12/21/05 19:10:33 Irate_Nate: Yan,do you post on the board?? if not you definitely need to :)
12/21/05 19:10:34 vomitor: Cannibals have even been in Estonia in 2000
12/21/05 19:10:40 SufferInTruth: If I wear a tshirt with a redneck on it at the Glasgow show in April, will you look out for it? :redneck:
12/21/05 19:10:42 excoriationperu: cannibal cannabis
12/21/05 19:10:42 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: mutilated, check your PM's
12/21/05 19:10:47 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER : When are you guys coming to Latvia? you had tour here with neglected fields i think...... Did you like them?
12/21/05 19:10:58 Yan: Irate_Nate i will definatelly sign up after this
12/21/05 19:11:06 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: I need a REDNECK shirt, where'd you get one?
12/21/05 19:11:17 Irate_Nate: awesome,awesome
12/21/05 19:11:19 excoriationperu: !
12/21/05 19:11:23 crypticsmell: Holy fuck alex, you just won so hard
12/21/05 19:11:24 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol i know how to make one
12/21/05 19:11:24 AGENT_ORANGE: Hammer_Smashed_Bass when we can expect another live album something like Live Cannibalism part2...?!
12/21/05 19:11:26 Tino_Tonitini: I need a redneck T as well
12/21/05 19:11:29 SufferInTruth: My girlfriend had it made for me. It's awesome.
12/21/05 19:11:31 Ender�s_Corpse: would it be possible for you to give your selves a break on every show, let�s say ten minutes, so you could have a rest and then play a few extra songs?
12/21/05 19:11:43 Tino_Tonitini: Yeah! You won it all! :)
12/21/05 19:11:48 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yeah, Neglected Fields kick ass, awesome bassist in that band. Atheist fans would love those guys!
12/21/05 19:12:02 Takou: That bassist is my teacher
12/21/05 19:12:03 Takou: ;)
12/21/05 19:12:07 crypticsmell: Alex, out of all the tours for the albums, which one was your personal favorite?
12/21/05 19:12:09 Tino_Tonitini: I'm a fan of Atheist
12/21/05 19:12:11 Chulo: ok will check them out
12/21/05 19:12:18 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex: what model is your Ampeg Cabinet?
12/21/05 19:12:25 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Live Cannibalsim 2 isn't in the works right now, but we might release some other footage....
12/21/05 19:12:30 lambknot: can u come to the AIR CANADA CENTRE??! please
12/21/05 19:12:38 excoriationperu: alex do u now feel the same for Jack playing now in deicide like when chris joined six feet under?
12/21/05 19:12:42 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: HELL YEAH
12/21/05 19:12:56 SAlpsu: he said he was coming to toronto
12/21/05 19:12:58 excoriationperu: i mean just best wishes for him
12/21/05 19:13:01 excoriationperu: or something else?
12/21/05 19:13:02 Yan: jack was just touring with deicide... wasnt he?
12/21/05 19:13:03 Mutilated1: Hammer_Smashed_Bass - do you think you guys might ever play some longer sets ? Like maybe one less opening act, but you play more songs ?
12/21/05 19:13:14 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: im canadian, and it would rule to have cc at the acc
12/21/05 19:13:24 VILE666: Hey alex, someone named ROB BARRETT just joined. It wouldnt happen to actually be Rob would it?
12/21/05 19:13:27 Chulo: i'm Cuban
12/21/05 19:13:30 Face_Smasher: So are you guys planning on coming to Indiana or its surrounding stares?
12/21/05 19:13:34 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: ExPeru- nah, it' different with Jack, since Deicide have been around for years. It's a totally differnt situation....
12/21/05 19:13:44 Face_Smasher: *states
12/21/05 19:13:47 Souless: I missed sum of the chat,so i dunno if this was asked,but is the new album going to get back to sum old school cc sound/roots?
12/21/05 19:13:50 excoriationperu: ok
12/21/05 19:13:58 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Indiana, I'm not sure.....Chicago for sure though
12/21/05 19:14:01 Irate_Nate: niiice
12/21/05 19:14:04 AGENT_ORANGE: cool
12/21/05 19:14:08 Tino_Tonitini: oooh niiice
12/21/05 19:14:13 Tino_Tonitini: kick ass
12/21/05 19:14:17 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER: what advice you can give for a beginner bass player?
12/21/05 19:14:17 VILE666: awsome we got rob joining us 2
12/21/05 19:14:18 crypticsmell: Rob as in rob barrett?
12/21/05 19:14:24 EYEHATEGOD: yeah
12/21/05 19:14:26 Tino_Tonitini: yep
12/21/05 19:14:34 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yeah, that's Rob. I told him to use his regular name tonight to avoid confusion
12/21/05 19:14:35 crypticsmell: Yus, im going to ask him to tab me some MC stuff :redneck:
12/21/05 19:14:36 excoriationperu: lotta people joined the forums today just for chattin with alex
12/21/05 19:14:43 Tino_Tonitini: this is one of the best days i have spent on the net
12/21/05 19:14:54 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Cool, Experu, I hope they stickaround...
12/21/05 19:14:56 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: NO WAY!!
12/21/05 19:15:00 excoriationperu: alex do u celebrarte christmas?
12/21/05 19:15:01 Irate_Nate: better than when you one your cash?? heh :)
12/21/05 19:15:05 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: rob barrett
12/21/05 19:15:06 crypticsmell: Alex, big thanks for taking the time to talk with us cc fans, it means alot
12/21/05 19:15:06 Irate_Nate: won
12/21/05 19:15:10 excoriationperu: or hannuka
12/21/05 19:15:11 excoriationperu: XD
12/21/05 19:15:14 vomitor: is the new artwork ready and when we could see that thnx
12/21/05 19:15:25 SAlpsu: vince locke doesn't mention it on his site
12/21/05 19:15:30 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX !! is frantic disembowlment a scary one for even the corpse to attempt live ??
12/21/05 19:15:33 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: No problem cryptic, it's really my pleasure. Sorry I can't type faster!
12/21/05 19:15:33 Face_Smasher: Yeah, will the artwork be as gory as Tomb or Butchered?
12/21/05 19:15:38 BitterSweet: OK everybody ONE QUESTION AT A TIME
12/21/05 19:15:44 Irate_Nate: thats what I was wanting to ask,any info on the album cover :)
12/21/05 19:15:49 BitterSweet: your making my eyes hurt....lol
12/21/05 19:15:51 Mutilated1: yes please don't make the mods silence anyone
12/21/05 19:15:55 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting, we played it live once in pittsburgh last year, when FGeorge was sick
12/21/05 19:16:05 excoriationperu: oh
12/21/05 19:16:06 lambknot: are the lyrics more gorier than EVER?
12/21/05 19:16:11 SufferInTruth: I'm gonna get you a redneck shirt made Alex, and i'll give it to you if I see you, or throw it onstage or something.
12/21/05 19:16:29 excoriationperu: why dont u guys make something special for the cover of this album?
12/21/05 19:16:30 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: George never got comforatble with frantic, so that night was our only chance to play it live. It was tough!!
12/21/05 19:16:34 excoriationperu: like a contest
12/21/05 19:16:37 excoriationperu: drawing contest
12/21/05 19:16:47 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER: what advice you can give for a beginner bass player?
12/21/05 19:16:50 excoriationperu: dunnon something
12/21/05 19:16:50 Irate_Nate: I missed that show too,was broke as a joke :(
12/21/05 19:16:58 EYEHATEGOD: because drawing contests atre for children lol
12/21/05 19:16:59 wardepartment: no I like Vincent Lockes work
12/21/05 19:16:59 excoriationperu: just a suggst
12/21/05 19:17:05 Tino_Tonitini: hehe
12/21/05 19:17:07 VILE666: Whats your favorite song of all time to play live?
12/21/05 19:17:12 excoriationperu: hahahaha good one
12/21/05 19:17:15 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Suffer, if you hook me up with a redneck shirt, I'll be totally stoked!
12/21/05 19:17:32 Tino_Tonitini: oh man, that pwns hard
12/21/05 19:17:32 SufferInTruth: No problem man, just make sure to sign my album inserts. :)
12/21/05 19:17:39 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex will you be in ST louis on your nest US Tour?
12/21/05 19:17:45 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Takou--just to start off slowly, and to take lessons if possible.
12/21/05 19:17:46 crypticsmell: Greg just messed his pantaloons
12/21/05 19:17:46 Brandon_sCorpse: next*
12/21/05 19:17:53 Irate_Nate: lol
12/21/05 19:18:05 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: St. Louis or Sauget, one or the other...
12/21/05 19:18:08 SufferInTruth: You bet your ass I did Patrick. :redneck:
12/21/05 19:18:09 Brandon_sCorpse: k cool
12/21/05 19:18:10 excoriationperu: alex did u have problems with ur family while starting this death metal frenzy?
12/21/05 19:18:16 Tino_Tonitini: hehe
12/21/05 19:18:41 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : was early RUSH LIKE 2112 HUGE FOR YOU ???
12/21/05 19:18:52 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ex peru- not too much. They wanted me to spend more time thinking about work and college, but the music was on my mind constantly...
12/21/05 19:18:59 VILE666: Whats your favorite song of all time to play live?
12/21/05 19:19:00 lambknot: would u like to tour with entombed and metallica?
12/21/05 19:19:02 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: cool
12/21/05 19:19:03 excoriationperu: cool
12/21/05 19:19:21 crypticsmell: Alex, thoughts about Chuck Schuldiner?
12/21/05 19:19:25 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: 2112 was awesome, I still listen to it every few months or so...
12/21/05 19:19:37 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: rip chuck 13 dec
12/21/05 19:19:38 Mutilated1: thats interesting
12/21/05 19:19:42 excoriationperu: i will save thischatting window and show it to all the esceptoc pussies
12/21/05 19:19:56 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: 2112 ROCKS
12/21/05 19:20:06 Tino_Tonitini: RIP Evil Chuck
12/21/05 19:20:06 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Cryptic, Chuck was a legend, a nice guy and he is missed by everybody on the scene, including all of us in CC
12/21/05 19:20:07 vomitor: is the new artwork ready and when we could see that thnx
12/21/05 19:20:13 Souless: is the new album going to get back to sum old school cc sound? or still sound along the lines of newer stuff ??
12/21/05 19:20:22 Chulo: Yeah
12/21/05 19:20:29 excoriationperu: viva cannibal corpse!
12/21/05 19:20:31 vomitor: good questions
12/21/05 19:20:32 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: go to drummerworld.com, click neal peart, and theres a kuiller video of him doing that song
12/21/05 19:20:35 Mutilated1: Hammer_Smashed_Bass - I'm sure we'd like to know what is in your CD player right now
12/21/05 19:20:43 excoriationperu: yeahh
12/21/05 19:20:51 crypticsmell: I'm rocking rotting head over here \m/
12/21/05 19:20:51 BitterSweet: probably a cd
12/21/05 19:20:56 VILE666: lol
12/21/05 19:20:56 BitterSweet: sorry
12/21/05 19:20:57 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 19:20:57 excoriationperu: XD
12/21/05 19:20:58 Tino_Tonitini: hah
12/21/05 19:21:00 Yan: heh!
12/21/05 19:21:01 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless- It might be a bit faster, and therefore "old school". the musci will have to speak for itself I guess
12/21/05 19:21:08 VILE666: AWSOME!
12/21/05 19:21:08 SAlpsu: g2g
12/21/05 19:21:09 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex have you guys ever considered getting Scott Burns back as the producer for your albums?
12/21/05 19:21:14 Tino_Tonitini: oh cool
12/21/05 19:21:16 SAlpsu: my fam wants me to go shopping with them
12/21/05 19:21:18 SAlpsu: i love u alex
12/21/05 19:21:18 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER - And when are you comming to LATVIA? ;)
12/21/05 19:21:24 crypticsmell: Scott doesnt produce anymore i dont think
12/21/05 19:21:26 VILE666: adios SAlpsu
12/21/05 color=#888888>12/21/05 19:21:32 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Mutilated- in my car, the new Devilyn album. At home, our new album....
12/21/05 19:21:40 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : HAVE YOU MET ANY OF YOUR IDOLS ?? GEDDY ?? HARRIS ??
12/21/05 19:21:40 EYEHATEGOD: how was working with erik anyway?
12/21/05 19:21:53 Irate_Nate: :p
12/21/05 19:21:58 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Takou- maybe in the Fall of 2006. I don't know yet...
12/21/05 19:22:00 Souless: you outta accidently leak us a track off it....lol
12/21/05 19:22:06 EYEHATEGOD: hahaha
12/21/05 19:22:07 Souless: the faithfull
12/21/05 19:22:08 BitterSweet: yeahhhhhhhh
12/21/05 19:22:10 Mutilated1: ah so that answers my next question which was going to be do you ever listen to your own music
12/21/05 19:22:12 BitterSweet: taht woudl be nice
12/21/05 19:22:17 BitterSweet: that would
12/21/05 19:22:21 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- I shook Steve Harris' hand once. Never met Geddy.
12/21/05 19:22:22 BitterSweet: see i can spell
12/21/05 19:22:27 lambknot: are there any new bands u would recomend? in any kind of music?
12/21/05 19:22:36 crypticsmell: brb, gotta unload groceries
12/21/05 19:22:44 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless, sorry no leakage allowed! LOL
12/21/05 19:22:50 BitterSweet: rats
12/21/05 19:22:52 EYEHATEGOD: blast
12/21/05 19:22:52 Irate_Nate: brb unlocking door for guests
12/21/05 19:22:52 VILE666: DAMN lol
12/21/05 19:22:57 Souless: lol i figured....
12/21/05 19:23:00 wardepartment: darn it
12/21/05 19:23:01 excoriationperu: alex hows is husband life going?
12/21/05 19:23:02 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: LATEST CRYPTOPSY, LATEST VILE
12/21/05 19:23:15 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: those albums rule
12/21/05 19:23:23 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex have you guys ever considered getting Scott Burns back as your producer?
12/21/05 19:23:26 Tino_Tonitini: I gotta get Aeon's album
12/21/05 19:23:35 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- check out Spawn of Possession, Aeon, Devilyn, Blastmasters...if you haven't already.
12/21/05 19:23:36 EYEHATEGOD: he answed that
12/21/05 19:23:45 Tino_Tonitini: ain't Burns retired or something?
12/21/05 19:23:51 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: blastmaster
12/21/05 19:23:55 Chulo: Fuck yeah, Blastmasters
12/21/05 19:24:11 Takou: Spawn of possesion ROX
12/21/05 19:24:14 Tino_Tonitini: Aeon rules!
12/21/05 19:24:17 Chulo: Anatar Coates band
12/21/05 19:24:19 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, did you ever get a word from the bands that you have covered, Black Sabbath, Metallica...?
12/21/05 19:24:21 Tino_Tonitini: and so does Spawn of Possession
12/21/05 19:24:24 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: The artwork will be a bit different for us. It's actually still sort of in the works...
12/21/05 19:24:29 vomitor: thnx man
12/21/05 19:24:34 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : WHAT DO YOU THINK OF gorerotted? and cant you drag their asses over here??
12/21/05 19:24:36 Tino_Tonitini: fuck yeah, you got good taste in music, Alex. :)
12/21/05 19:24:39 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: metallica bwhahahaha lol
12/21/05 19:24:49 vomitor: im so exited f'ck
12/21/05 19:25:00 excoriationperu: alex: possessed or sadus?
12/21/05 19:25:02 crypticsmell: hey devin, i can send you that aeon album
12/21/05 19:25:10 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Enders- I guess Lars liked the No Remorse cover. No word from Sabbath about Zero. Jeff Beccera from Possessed like the covers we did, I've heard....
12/21/05 19:25:10 Tino_Tonitini: thanx patrick
12/21/05 19:25:13 Chulo: Blastmaster, Anntar Lee Coates' of Diabolic/Unholy Ghost new band
12/21/05 19:25:15 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER - Did you liked gig in LATVIA?
12/21/05 19:25:24 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: EXperu BOTH!! LOL
12/21/05 19:25:29 excoriationperu: hahaha ok
12/21/05 19:25:32 SufferInTruth: How's the writing going with Ron? Looking forward to the result.
12/21/05 19:25:33 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lars had better loved it.
12/21/05 19:25:40 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, have you ever listened to a band that goes by the name of Daath?
12/21/05 19:25:52 Face_Smasher: Alex, you wouldn't consider using an acual photo, would you? Cause if you do... for god's sake DON't use the first one on cadaver.org!
12/21/05 19:25:54 excoriationperu: Death XD
12/21/05 19:26:01 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Takou, yeah Lativia was killer! We've played ther 3 times now, and every time was excellent.
12/21/05 19:26:14 excoriationperu: u definetly gotta come to peru!
12/21/05 19:26:18 lambknot: would u like to tour with METALLICA next tour of theirs?
12/21/05 19:26:20 Face_Smasher: It's creepy. And not in a good way
12/21/05 19:26:27 excoriationperu: i would be sad commition suicide if u guys wont
12/21/05 19:26:37 EYEHATEGOD: dude metallica would never tour with a dm band
12/21/05 19:26:38 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Face- nah no photos. I have to save the cover for a surprise.....
12/21/05 19:26:51 Face_Smasher: Good
12/21/05 19:26:54 BitterSweet Disconnects
12/21/05 19:26:56 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: metallica plalyed with vader
12/21/05 19:26:58 EYEHATEGOD: they might tour with linkin ppark or some bullshit
12/21/05 19:27:10 Souless: i would hope for the love of god cc wouldnt tour with metallicrap.lol
12/21/05 19:27:15 EYEHATEGOD: yeah
12/21/05 19:27:18 EYEHATEGOD: agreed
12/21/05 19:27:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- we would tour with them if they asked, just so mainstream fans could get a nice dose of death metal....
12/21/05 19:27:20 Tino_Tonitini: who cares about Metallica...
12/21/05 19:27:21 SufferInTruth: How's the writing and playing with Ron Jarzombek going? Looking forward to the result of that.
12/21/05 19:27:28 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: yeah
12/21/05 19:27:30 Brandon_sCorpse: heheh Alex
12/21/05 19:27:32 Chulo: hey Alex, will there be a DVD released with KILL like it was with The Wretched Spawn?
12/21/05 19:27:44 excoriationperu: yeah good qstion
12/21/05 19:28:30 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Suffer- The writing withRon is going very well! He is one of the best musicians out there and working with him has been great! It will be heavier than Watchtower, and more tech than Cannibal...Sort of a weird mix of the two....
12/21/05 19:28:32 vomitor: of course there will be also censored version???
12/21/05 19:28:39 VILE666: Hey alex, which was your favorite album to record?
12/21/05 19:28:42 excoriationperu: hey alex hows husband likfe going
12/21/05 19:28:50 excoriationperu: :)
12/21/05 19:28:51 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Chulo- I don't think we'll have a DVD this time...
12/21/05 19:29:02 Chulo: ok
12/21/05 19:29:04 EYEHATEGOD: im sad now
12/21/05 19:29:08 Tino_Tonitini: k
12/21/05 19:29:20 emel_punk: mister alex im saying hi from colmobia
12/21/05 19:29:23 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: EXperu- It's going well, but maybe my wife has a different opinion! LOL
12/21/05 19:29:30 EYEHATEGOD: hahaha
12/21/05 19:29:31 excoriationperu: hahahaha
12/21/05 19:29:35 excoriationperu: good to hear
12/21/05 19:29:35 wardepartment: lol
12/21/05 19:29:37 Tino_Tonitini: hehe
12/21/05 19:29:45 Souless: would u guys try to hook up a tour with suffocation and make it the grandest fucking tour ever ?? that would be the shiiiit
12/21/05 19:29:47 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: greetings emel!
12/21/05 19:29:54 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER : What kind of beer do you like the most?
12/21/05 19:29:57 EYEHATEGOD: no morbid angel and nile
12/21/05 19:30:01 vomitor: hehe
12/21/05 19:30:06 EYEHATEGOD: lol
12/21/05 19:30:06 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, what do ya think of 311?
12/21/05 19:30:10 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless- We've talked to those guys about it...It might happen...stay tuned...
12/21/05 19:30:15 Souless: BONER
12/21/05 19:30:17 Souless: lol
12/21/05 19:30:22 emel_punk: alex hey men you are such good headbanging head men...
12/21/05 19:30:26 Face_Smasher: So is there any insanely fast drumming on the new album like on Nile's new CD?
12/21/05 19:30:31 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : what ever happened to a slayer tour ???
12/21/05 19:30:40 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: 311's bass player rips, but I can only listen to a couple of their songs.
12/21/05 19:30:43 SufferInTruth: Looking forward to playing Glasgow again? From what I understand it's been longer than 10 years since you played in Scotland....
12/21/05 19:30:51 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER : What kind of beer do you like the most?
12/21/05 19:30:53 Tino_Tonitini: niiiice yeah P-Nut is cool
12/21/05 19:30:53 excoriationperu: hey alex another one for u: flo mournier or pete sandoval?
12/21/05 19:30:56 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- Slayer's managment said "NO"
12/21/05 19:31:01 excoriationperu: hey alex another one for u: flo mournier or pete sandoval?
12/21/05 19:31:03 vomitor: Whos drink the most on tours hahah stupid question i know
12/21/05 19:31:06 emel_punk: alex wher did you learn to play the bass?..school or by yourself
12/21/05 19:31:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: EXperu PETE!!!!
12/21/05 19:31:16 EYEHATEGOD: hell yeah
12/21/05 19:31:17 VILE666: Hey alex, which was your favorite album to record?
12/21/05 19:31:18 excoriationperu: oky
12/21/05 19:31:21 crypticsmell: Yeah, I dont think you guys have played oklahoma since chris was in the band
12/21/05 19:31:24 EYEHATEGOD: pete or derek roddy
12/21/05 19:31:26 Irate_Nate: when the last album was leaked onto the internet,did you guys try to go after the person responsible?
12/21/05 19:31:44 excoriationperu: i hope u guys are not pming alex!
12/21/05 19:31:45 Tino_Tonitini: :redneck: OK is okay
12/21/05 19:31:49 Takou: ALEX WEBSTER : What kind of beer do you like the most?
12/21/05 19:31:56 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: EYE- Derek for the tech, Pete for the classics....TIE
12/21/05 19:32:07 EYEHATEGOD: yeah fair enough
12/21/05 19:32:08 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Corona
12/21/05 19:32:11 Yan: Alex, dumb question, i have a huge paper going on in my english class, and a line from someone inside the scene such as yourself could really help me out, so heres the question "Do you think that death metal has any influence on a young listener's mind?"
12/21/05 19:32:25 EYEHATEGOD: awesome
12/21/05 19:32:54 VILE666: Hey alex, which was your favorite album to record?
12/21/05 19:32:57 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yan- That's too long to answer properly! LOL I guess it depends on each individual....
12/21/05 19:32:59 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: alex- i know this is the flogging the dead horse question of all time-- but if by chnace there was a cc/sfu tourdate together, would you let barnes onstage with you guys to play a song or two? the would rule as a fan!
12/21/05 19:33:12 Yan: thanks =]
12/21/05 19:33:23 emel_punk: alex WHAT are your favorites bands?
12/21/05 19:33:31 SufferInTruth: Looking forward to playing Glasgow again? From what I understand it's been longer than 10 years since you played in Scotland...
12/21/05 19:33:46 crypticsmell: oops, knocked myself out of the chat
12/21/05 19:33:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VILE666- They were all hard, but maybe TWS was the most fun...The least pressure anyway.
12/21/05 19:33:54 Irate_Nate: wb cryptic
12/21/05 19:33:54 lambknot: what was jim carry like? did u get to talk to him?
12/21/05 19:33:56 VILE666: cool
12/21/05 19:34:02 Tino_Tonitini: wb patrick
12/21/05 19:34:06 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Suffer- Yeah, Glasgow will be cool! It's been a long time!
12/21/05 19:34:13 excoriationperu: alex, mm dont u think u are abusing the use of diminished scales on ur playing? are u still focusing on the same scale patterns or u are entering into something else can u name the musical focusing u are into in KILL�
12/21/05 19:34:26 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, ever been to Rockland County, NY? that's where I'm from.
12/21/05 19:34:27 Face_Smasher: So is there any insanely fast drumming on the new album?
12/21/05 19:34:31 crypticsmell: Hey alex, when was the last time you guys played oklahoma by chance?
12/21/05 19:34:57 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: EXperu- Yep, we abuse the fuck out of the diminished scale! LOL But if there' a more evil scale out there, you let me know!!
12/21/05 19:35:02 emel_punk: mister aALEX WEBSTER HOW OLD ARE YOU?
12/21/05 19:35:16 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel- I'm.....old!
12/21/05 19:35:18 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : I LOVE NEW c.c. but does it weird you guys out that their is still many barnes fans ?
12/21/05 19:35:27 vomitor: hes not old hes young
12/21/05 19:35:35 emel_punk: JAJAJA KOOL MEN
12/21/05 19:35:37 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: haha! 36 man...I feel younger
12/21/05 19:35:44 excoriationperu: holy crap
12/21/05 19:35:46 BitterSweet: 36 isnt old
12/21/05 19:35:51 crypticsmell: Youre only as old as you act ;)
12/21/05 19:35:54 excoriationperu: 37 is old
12/21/05 19:35:57 lambknot: you are YOUNG lol
12/21/05 19:35:58 excoriationperu: XD
12/21/05 19:36:05 BitterSweet: cool then im still 16...lol
12/21/05 19:36:08 emel_punk: THAT IS KOOL ..BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF THE MIND ...
12/21/05 19:36:09 Mutilated1: hey now 37 is not old
12/21/05 19:36:11 VILE666: im 14 lmao
12/21/05 19:36:13 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Cryptic- Then I should be in kindergarten!
12/21/05 19:36:17 Tino_Tonitini: c'mon old is like 88 yrs old
12/21/05 19:36:18 crypticsmell: Hahahaha
12/21/05 19:36:25 BitterSweet: John hook me back up please....lol
12/21/05 19:36:26 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: whos the oldest dude in the band right now?
12/21/05 19:36:28 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol
12/21/05 19:36:31 vomitor: what they care about barnes fans anyway his history right
12/21/05 19:36:34 tronics: are there any instrumentals on KILL?
12/21/05 19:36:36 Yan: heh! DM doing preschool
12/21/05 19:36:51 Tino_Tonitini: Thunderlords, hahahaha
12/21/05 19:36:53 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Well, we did Eaten in 1990, so how old did you guys think I was then? 5? LOL
12/21/05 19:36:55 vomitor: there is one instrumental
12/21/05 19:37:07 Takou: OK ALEx im going to sleep C'ya man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/21/05 19:37:07 vomitor: 20
12/21/05 19:37:11 VILE666: pretty good bass player for 5 years old lol
12/21/05 19:37:20 Tino_Tonitini: virtuoso
12/21/05 19:37:29 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: tronics- yes, the final song. Pat wrote it.
12/21/05 19:37:34 excoriationperu: alex when jack was in the band u guysa said pat was creating insane and burtal parts and jac was more forwarding
12/21/05 19:37:35 EYEHATEGOD: nice
12/21/05 19:37:36 Irate_Nate: take care Takou
12/21/05 19:37:37 Tino_Tonitini: whoa!
12/21/05 19:37:38 excoriationperu: now that rob is in the band
12/21/05 19:37:38 Yan: that should be good
12/21/05 19:37:43 excoriationperu: what would u say?
12/21/05 19:37:44 Tino_Tonitini: good news!!! an instrumental!
12/21/05 19:37:47 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX ; what do you think of gorerottted ???
12/21/05 19:38:00 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: coool i know its gonna rule alreaduy
12/21/05 19:38:04 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: later takou
12/21/05 19:38:13 VILE666: haha yeah now you guys can play the insrumental if george is shaving again (like on live cannibalism)
12/21/05 19:38:19 guest: did working with Ron influence your writing with Corpse at all?
12/21/05 19:38:31 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Gorerotted is cool. They do a crazy live show, we played with them in london last year, it was wild.
12/21/05 19:38:36 lambknot: what was JIM CARRY like in person? i just saw u in the movie! lol
12/21/05 19:38:52 VILE666: i bought that movie cause of CC
12/21/05 19:38:55 crypticsmell: Hey alex, when was the last time you guys played in oklahomo?
12/21/05 19:38:55 Tino_Tonitini: Jim Carrey hahah
12/21/05 19:38:58 Chulo: Hey Alex, is has been said that there will be a bonus song for Kill overseas version. Any idea?
12/21/05 19:39:03 vomitor: Carrrey is cool
12/21/05 19:39:03 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: guest- maybe a little bit. The time signatures and such....you might notice on KILL....
12/21/05 19:39:09 Tino_Tonitini: alrighty then!
12/21/05 19:39:09 excoriationperu: alex when jack was in the band u guys said pat creates the brutal part and jack was more forwarding now that rob is back what woud u say?
12/21/05 19:39:14 emel_punk: YEA
12/21/05 19:39:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel KILL KILL
12/21/05 19:39:30 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 19:39:34 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex who plays Jacks parts in the songs now?
12/21/05 19:39:48 emel_punk: JAJAJAJA KOOL ALEX
12/21/05 19:39:49 Tino_Tonitini: Alex, what's your thoughts on Cynic?
12/21/05 19:40:12 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: cryptic- It's been long enough that I don't remember...might have been w/ nile and krisiun in 2000...
12/21/05 19:40:15 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, Would it be possible for you to take a short break on the shows, in order to rest a little, so you could play a few extra songs
12/21/05 19:40:27 Mutilated1: yes please
12/21/05 19:40:27 Corpse_Servent Logs in []
12/21/05 19:40:30 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Tino- Cycnic ruled! We had a great tour with them as well...
12/21/05 19:40:57 excoriationperu: alex would u agree if i say cannibal corpse now that rob is back would be more brutal?
12/21/05 19:41:00 BitterSweet > AGENT_ORANGE: are you here?
12/21/05 19:41:00 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel- Jack is cool. We still see him at our practice room, as Adrift play down the hall from us.
12/21/05 19:41:03 excoriationperu: than when jack was?
12/21/05 19:41:04 Tino_Tonitini: oh cool
12/21/05 19:41:16 Yan: ha! thats sweet
12/21/05 19:41:28 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: experu- I can say for sure this is the most brutal Cannibal lineup in our history.
12/21/05 19:41:41 lambknot: Hammer_Smashed_Bass will u play any bass solos?
12/21/05 19:41:42 Tino_Tonitini: oh nice
12/21/05 19:41:45 Mutilated1: thats what we wanted to hear
12/21/05 19:41:45 emel_punk: AND WHAT DO YOU THING ABOUT ADRIFT?..
12/21/05 19:41:51 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex who plays Jacks guitar parts in your songs now? Pat or Rob?
12/21/05 19:41:56 Tino_Tonitini: brutality is king
12/21/05 19:41:56 Irate_Nate: anyone in the band still talk to Bob Rusay?
12/21/05 19:42:08 crypticsmell: bob the golf instructer!
12/21/05 19:42:12 Tino_Tonitini: hahahah
12/21/05 19:42:13 crypticsmell: or*
12/21/05 19:42:21 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- not any real solos for KILL, but there are several parts that stand out under the guitar part...
12/21/05 19:42:22 Tino_Tonitini: Bob rules though
12/21/05 19:42:34 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : WHEN YOU played in toronto last time / some songs got cut by the rcmp??what happened ?? was that tough for jeremy ?? he looked as if he was really paying attention to pat that night ??
12/21/05 19:42:42 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i might have to agree with ya there alex!
12/21/05 19:42:45 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Nate- No, he just stopped talking to us after the split.
12/21/05 19:42:49 Yan: bob and jack made one scary duo
12/21/05 19:42:49 vomitor: Yeah Bob IS a Fucken mysterium
12/21/05 19:42:52 Irate_Nate: bummer
12/21/05 19:43:06 vomitor: for fans anyway
12/21/05 19:43:08 wardepartment: that's too bad
12/21/05 19:43:14 Tino_Tonitini: :(
12/21/05 19:43:18 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- any song with the word "rape" was cut that night...
12/21/05 19:43:28 emel_punk: MISTER ALEX WHY MISTER ROB BARRET LEAVE THE BAND IN 1998?
12/21/05 19:43:29 Tino_Tonitini: booooo
12/21/05 19:43:30 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: why?
12/21/05 19:43:34 BitterSweet: that kinda sucks
12/21/05 19:43:58 excoriationperu: VIVA CANNIBALCORPSE
12/21/05 19:44:07 emel_punk: ESO ES VIVA CANNIBAL
12/21/05 19:44:19 vomitor: VIVA LA CANNIBALS lol
12/21/05 19:44:26 crypticsmell: Hey Alex, in your spare time, have you ever thought about giving bass lessons? I think derek roddy gives private lessons.
12/21/05 19:44:31 Tino_Tonitini: Viva La Bam
12/21/05 19:44:32 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel- hopefully Rob will manage to log on here and answer that. He jsut was not satisfied with certain things about the band at that time. those things have changed now, and he's back.
12/21/05 19:44:33 excoriationperu: alex if u can understand this un saludo con mucha fuerza de toda la comunidad sudamericana
12/21/05 19:44:59 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: barrett rocks
12/21/05 19:45:02 tronics: what do you think of the recent roadrunner collaboration with glen benton, joey T and friends?
12/21/05 19:45:10 EYEHATEGOD: english please
12/21/05 19:45:17 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Y saludos a todos en la escena death metal en America del Sur!
12/21/05 19:45:26 lambknot: dumb question...have u ever thrown up before a show? do u still if u do?
12/21/05 19:45:32 excoriationperu: haha that was great spanish dude
12/21/05 19:45:33 AGENT_ORANGE: hey Hammer_Smashed_Bass are we will able to hear some samples from the new album?!
12/21/05 19:45:36 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel, I hope so!
12/21/05 19:45:38 guest: hey Alex, has working with Ron influenced any of your writing of Corpse songs?
12/21/05 19:45:50 emel_punk: JAJAJAAJA MISTER ALEX SPEAK SPANISH
12/21/05 19:45:51 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel, espero que si! LOL
12/21/05 19:46:36 VILE666: Hey alex, how long have you been playing bass for?
12/21/05 19:46:38 excoriationperu: yeah
12/21/05 19:46:43 EYEHATEGOD: what was working with erik like
12/21/05 19:46:54 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: guest, yes, I answered that before...There may have been some influence. mostly in time sigs and stuff....
12/21/05 19:46:54 vomitor: good question
12/21/05 19:46:56 excoriationperu: well alex need to go
12/21/05 19:47:01 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : what is your fav , non metal album ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !
12/21/05 19:47:06 excoriationperu: if u want to contact some southamerican stfaa
12/21/05 19:47:13 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, Has George thought on writing any lyrics for the band?
12/21/05 19:47:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: hasta la proxima experu!
12/21/05 19:47:24 excoriationperu: my email is psykotist (ad) hotmail.com
12/21/05 19:47:33 excoriationperu: heheh just in case
12/21/05 19:47:43 excoriationperu: viva cannibalcorpse
12/21/05 19:47:45 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel hablo un poco de espanol, pero me falta practica...
12/21/05 19:47:45 excoriationperu: bye
12/21/05 19:47:56 vomitor: jees
12/21/05 19:48:05 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: OK, back to Ingles for everybody else! LOL
12/21/05 19:48:14 BitterSweet: yippeee :)
12/21/05 19:48:14 EYEHATEGOD: hooray lol
12/21/05 19:48:16 vomitor: ok
12/21/05 19:48:18 Tino_Tonitini: yes
12/21/05 19:48:21 wardepartment: cool
12/21/05 19:48:23 BitterSweet: i love this place
12/21/05 19:48:26 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: o.k -FAV NON METAL ALBUM ALEX ???
12/21/05 19:48:32 crypticsmell: Alex, what do you want for christmas? lol
12/21/05 19:48:34 emel_punk: AHHH MISTER WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORIT BANDS?
12/21/05 19:48:43 Face_Smasher: Were the lyrics to Devoured by Vermin based off of a scene from a movie called Men Behind the Sun?
12/21/05 19:48:43 Irate_Nate: viva ToTM
12/21/05 19:48:58 SufferInTruth: Peace and goodwill towards all men, I bet. lol
12/21/05 19:49:00 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- That's a tough one....I need to think about that...
12/21/05 19:49:01 EYEHATEGOD: i donbt even know what viva means man
12/21/05 19:49:03 BitterSweet: Alright last time im asking ONE QUESTIONat a time you guys..... he doesnt have 6 hands....lol
12/21/05 19:49:24 Yan: alex. which kind of show would you prefer, a Waken type thing? or a small garage kinda show with about 50 attendees?
12/21/05 19:49:37 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Face, no, I haven't heard of it. maybe our video guy did though, becasue he put a setting sun in that vid....
12/21/05 19:49:44 lambknot: do u prefer 5 or 6 string bass'???
12/21/05 19:49:56 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: there going fast folks
12/21/05 19:50:05 emel_punk: HEY MISTER ALEX DO YOU LIKE PUNK ROCK?
12/21/05 19:50:07 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: alex what do you think of bands like nevermore, opeth, and strapping young lad?
12/21/05 19:50:10 BitterSweet Kicks emel_punk
12/21/05 19:50:12 Yan: damnit...missed that...
12/21/05 19:50:16 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yan- Garage small stage type shows are the best for us. Wacken is cool, but we don't know what to do with all of that space!
12/21/05 19:50:39 vomitor: WHAT WAS WORKING WITH ERIK LIKE!!!
12/21/05 19:50:40 Yan: yeah... those are my favorites as well
12/21/05 19:50:49 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VBF, I don't really listen to any of them, but they are all very talented from what I've heard...
12/21/05 19:50:53 Chulo: I'm pretty sure Chris would if he was still in the band
12/21/05 19:50:59 Souless: personal non music question from me.........is anyone in CC a hockey fan?
12/21/05 19:51:03 Tino_Tonitini: whoa, Alex. it would be ultra cool if you played at this place called Frankie's (in Pearl River, NY)... they had a small stage.
12/21/05 19:51:10 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: check them out man!
12/21/05 19:51:18 vomitor: PAUL is A hockey FAN
12/21/05 19:51:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: vomitor- It was very cool, Erik's a great friend of ours, so it was pretty easy. Still, he made us work hard!
12/21/05 19:51:32 vomitor: THNX
12/21/05 19:51:33 EYEHATEGOD: hahaha
12/21/05 19:51:35 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : DOES PAT TALK ......OR JUST NOD EVERY NOW AND THEN
12/21/05 19:51:36 Tino_Tonitini: it would be great if ya guys came to Rockland County
12/21/05 19:51:51 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel- I like Black Flag and DK, and minor Threat and some others...
12/21/05 19:51:56 crypticsmell: Hey alex, would do you want for christmas? lol
12/21/05 19:51:57 Tino_Tonitini: Rockland County is so unknown, but eh... whatever
12/21/05 19:52:05 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol
12/21/05 19:52:12 vomitor: hahah(eyehategod)at least we got the question
12/21/05 19:52:16 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- he only talks when he's drunk, LOL
12/21/05 19:52:18 EYEHATEGOD: hell yeah
12/21/05 19:52:20 Face_Smasher: At the risk of getting shit on by Souless, I will refrain from asking that one question that I was thinking of asking
12/21/05 19:52:24 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: HAHAHA
12/21/05 19:52:29 Souless: lmfao
12/21/05 19:52:33 tronics: when george gets angry does he ever just growl at people to scare them away? lol
12/21/05 19:52:34 Tino_Tonitini: hah
12/21/05 19:52:36 EYEHATEGOD: ask it anyway
12/21/05 19:52:38 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 19:52:53 Face_Smasher: PLEASE DON'T HURT MY DAVE!
12/21/05 19:52:54 BitterSweet: he will get squished like a bug if he does Tom.....lol
12/21/05 19:53:02 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: I know about Rockland Tino, it's north of NYC, right?
12/21/05 19:53:07 EYEHATEGOD: lol
12/21/05 19:53:07 Face_Smasher: *ME
12/21/05 19:53:11 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: go for it face smasher
12/21/05 19:53:11 Souless: no hurt.lmao....just a lil poo.lol
12/21/05 19:53:14 Tino_Tonitini: Yeah
12/21/05 19:53:16 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 19:53:20 crypticsmell: Hey alex, i got knocked off the chat for a second, but what would you like for christmas?
12/21/05 19:53:21 Gorekid666: hey
12/21/05 19:53:24 EYEHATEGOD: i dont know the question
12/21/05 19:53:30 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: were behind you --literally !!!!
12/21/05 19:53:32 Tino_Tonitini: or X-mas, hehe
12/21/05 19:53:35 SufferInTruth: A redneck shirt. lol
12/21/05 19:53:37 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ask whatever you guys want...I've heard almost everything, believe me.
12/21/05 19:53:49 Souless: lay it on him then
12/21/05 19:53:50 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: go face smasher go
12/21/05 19:53:51 Souless: lol
12/21/05 19:53:55 lambknot: dumb question.. what do u think of shitty bands like good charlotte?!?!? LOL
12/21/05 19:53:55 EYEHATEGOD: lol
12/21/05 19:53:56 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 19:54:01 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: cryptic- some good DVD's or a PSP....
12/21/05 19:54:02 Yan: DO it!
12/21/05 19:54:02 EYEHATEGOD: do it
12/21/05 19:54:03 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 19:54:04 Gorekid666: Alex... do u remember me
12/21/05 19:54:05 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: i'll ask it
12/21/05 19:54:07 BitterSweet: i bet you have, thats what makes it really nice of you to come inhere and chat with us Alex
12/21/05 19:54:10 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex is the Ampeg SVT 4 pro bass amp worth buying?
12/21/05 19:54:23 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- I try not to think about those bands
12/21/05 19:54:24 Face_Smasher: *BitterSweet
12/21/05 19:54:43 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Brandon- YES! It's excellent...very LOUD.
12/21/05 19:54:46 Souless: jsut ask patrick...get it done with..lol
12/21/05 19:54:50 Face_Smasher: K here goes...
12/21/05 19:54:52 Brandon_sCorpse: k cool
12/21/05 19:54:53 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : FACE SMASHER wants to know if you would cover a pantara tune
12/21/05 19:54:54 Brandon_sCorpse: thanks
12/21/05 19:54:55 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 19:54:57 EYEHATEGOD: face smasher when will you get to talk to alex again......you might as well ask it
12/21/05 19:54:59 BitterSweet: lmao
12/21/05 19:55:12 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: their
12/21/05 19:55:14 BitterSweet: rotf
12/21/05 19:55:15 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: done
12/21/05 19:55:16 Gorekid666: dammit
12/21/05 19:55:16 Face_Smasher: Would you guys ever consider covering a Pantera song?
12/21/05 19:55:16 EYEHATEGOD: done
12/21/05 19:55:22 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 19:55:26 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: done twice
12/21/05 19:55:26 Yan: was that so bad?
12/21/05 19:55:28 vomitor: yaeh
12/21/05 19:55:29 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: hahaha
12/21/05 19:55:31 Face_Smasher: *prepares to get shat on)
12/21/05 19:55:36 EYEHATEGOD: hahaha
12/21/05 19:55:37 BitterSweet: lmao
12/21/05 19:55:37 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- Probably not, just becasue their style is a quite a bit different from ours, and they have never really influenced us like the other bands we covered.
12/21/05 19:55:37 Gorekid666: Alex... do you remember me
12/21/05 19:55:38 Souless: "grunts" lol
12/21/05 19:55:40 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: open side
12/21/05 19:55:40 VILE666: lmfao
12/21/05 19:55:48 Gorekid666: Its me Tyler... from Timmins Ontario
12/21/05 19:55:50 BitterSweet: lmfao!!!!!!!
12/21/05 19:55:59 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yes GoreKid!
12/21/05 19:56:06 EYEHATEGOD: alex do you ever listen to sludge bands like eyehategod
12/21/05 19:56:08 BitterSweet: *passing Dave some toilet paper*
12/21/05 19:56:10 Gorekid666: how ya been pal
12/21/05 19:56:12 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: well alex ::: I KNEW THAT
12/21/05 19:56:18 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: BUT.........................................
12/21/05 19:56:26 Face_Smasher: It was nice knowing you all
12/21/05 19:56:30 Face_Smasher: Goodbye.
12/21/05 19:56:33 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: no no
12/21/05 19:56:35 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: I like High On Fire EYEHATEGOD...
12/21/05 19:56:36 vomitor: goodbye
12/21/05 19:56:36 emel_punk: hey why they kick me out?..jajaja
12/21/05 19:56:40 Face_Smasher: I'm gonna die from piosening
12/21/05 19:56:40 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: and SLEEP
12/21/05 19:56:45 EYEHATEGOD: nice
12/21/05 19:56:52 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: stay
12/21/05 19:56:55 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: damn it
12/21/05 19:57:00 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ask alex some this
12/21/05 19:57:00 Face_Smasher: Shit will kill you BTW
12/21/05 19:57:08 Tino_Tonitini: yeah
12/21/05 19:57:11 Gorekid666: so Alex... how've you been pal
12/21/05 19:57:17 Face_Smasher: It's poisen
12/21/05 19:57:20 lambknot: how LONG do u think CC can go for?? i hope forever
12/21/05 19:57:31 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: HAHA
12/21/05 19:57:33 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Good man, how's things up there?
12/21/05 19:57:36 Face_Smasher: Dave, before you do this, consider thast you'll get arrested for murder
12/21/05 19:57:40 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: as long as the world has angst ridden freaks
12/21/05 19:57:41 Yan: Scat porn is one of the sickest things ever
12/21/05 19:57:51 Tino_Tonitini: I agree, Yan
12/21/05 19:57:52 Souless: ALEX---have u listened to wormed? and if so what do u think of them.
12/21/05 19:57:53 vomitor: ou
12/21/05 19:57:54 EYEHATEGOD: wtf
12/21/05 19:58:00 Irate_Nate: lol
12/21/05 19:58:04 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- as long as my neck is still functioning! LOL
12/21/05 19:58:11 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 19:58:15 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 19:58:15 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol
12/21/05 19:58:22 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: sweet
12/21/05 19:58:23 Tino_Tonitini: hah
12/21/05 19:58:24 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless- No I haven't...what are they like ?
12/21/05 19:58:26 crypticsmell: Alex, have you guys ever considered releasing a jazz lounge album under Alex Webster and the cannibals? lol
12/21/05 19:58:30 Gorekid666: may i ask ya a question Alex
12/21/05 19:58:32 Souless: bad asss chekem out.lol
12/21/05 19:58:36 Souless: i think ull enjoy
12/21/05 19:58:40 BitterSweet: Wormed is awesome
12/21/05 19:58:46 Face_Smasher: My sister is begging to know how long this will last...
12/21/05 19:58:55 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: LOL cryptic! No that's not on my current agenda!
12/21/05 19:59:01 crypticsmell: hahaha
12/21/05 19:59:01 Souless: lol
12/21/05 19:59:04 BitterSweet: tell your sister to go to bed patrick
12/21/05 19:59:23 emel_punk: MISTER ALEX HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE?
12/21/05 19:59:33 Face_Smasher: My sis just ggot angry but who cares
12/21/05 19:59:36 lambknot: would u ever release a solo album? full of bass solos? lol
12/21/05 19:59:43 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 19:59:45 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: alex, do you remeber that show in calgary in july 2004? it was hot as a bitch!!!
12/21/05 19:59:46 crypticsmell: I keep thinking that when you guys say patrick you guys are referring to me lol
12/21/05 19:59:52 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Facesmasher- I'll probably hang out until around 8:30 or 9pm EST...It depends...don't want you guys gettin bored.
12/21/05 19:59:57 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : A SILLY QUESTION ?? BUT one that haunts me to this day .....on the monilith dvd....it appears that your wearing half a tuxedo during sound check .....please explain....
12/21/05 20:00:00 BitterSweet: sorry cryptic...lol
12/21/05 20:00:17 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VBF THAT SHOW ALMOST KILLED US!!!!
12/21/05 20:00:17 Face_Smasher: Just call Cryptic Cryptic Pat
12/21/05 20:00:22 vomitor: hangoverlol
12/21/05 20:00:24 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i remember]
12/21/05 20:00:50 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Pat had to leave the club between songs a few times, to get air...
12/21/05 20:00:58 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: thanks emel!
12/21/05 20:01:05 Gorekid666: Hows the recording process going Alex
12/21/05 20:01:05 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i rember the breaks in between songs
12/21/05 20:01:16 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: but you guys finished ALL SONGS! LOL
12/21/05 20:01:34 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: that ruled
12/21/05 20:01:58 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Gorekid, we're done as of last week, I think it went well. I really think it's the heaviset shit we've done, but my saying that won't mean much until you've heard it....
12/21/05 20:02:12 Gorekid666: i cant wait to hear it pal
12/21/05 20:02:20 Irate_Nate: Alex,Chris Barnes recently gave you guys props in an interview - any details you can share on that?? I assume things are all water under the bridge??
12/21/05 20:02:21 Gorekid666: y'all have got me 100% support
12/21/05 20:02:27 vomitor: hey where is mutilated1
12/21/05 20:02:28 ROB_BARRETT Logs in
12/21/05 20:02:33 Face_Smasher: Vile... AVENGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!
12/21/05 20:02:34 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VBF- Those kind of shows can really wear you out! I didn't expect that kind of heat in Canada!
12/21/05 20:02:43 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: yeah man
12/21/05 20:02:46 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol
12/21/05 20:02:47 Yan: alex, if you have a clue regarding this sort of stuff, i'm planning on getting a 7 string, one that isn't that expansive and isn't that crappy... any suggestions?
12/21/05 20:02:49 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: is this indeed ROB ? ? ?
12/21/05 20:02:50 Tino_Tonitini: hah
12/21/05 20:02:54 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: we have deserts too
12/21/05 20:02:54 wardepartment: he's on his way home right now he will be back in a bit
12/21/05 20:02:56 Gorekid666: Alex... a different question
12/21/05 20:02:57 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Nate- I'm not sure why he did that, but all's cool on our end of things.
12/21/05 20:02:57 Ender�s_Corpse: Is there a song that you haven�t played for a while (let�s say years), but you would love to play it again?
12/21/05 20:03:03 vomitor: come cold beers after the show heh
12/21/05 20:03:13 Irate_Nate: cool deal :)
12/21/05 20:03:20 ROB_BARRETT: yes it is
12/21/05 20:03:25 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: cool!!!!
12/21/05 20:03:27 vomitor: oh myae
12/21/05 20:03:28 crypticsmell: rob!
12/21/05 20:03:30 Irate_Nate: welcome Rob!!
12/21/05 20:03:32 emel_punk: MISTER ALEX WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW ...IN YOU HOUSE?
12/21/05 20:03:33 VILE666: FUCKIN SWEET, welcome rob!
12/21/05 20:03:35 EYEHATEGOD: rob\m/
12/21/05 20:03:38 Gorekid666: Alex, who is the oldest member of CC
12/21/05 20:03:38 BitterSweet: Hello Rob welcome to chat
12/21/05 20:03:39 vomitor: thats ROB BARRETT
12/21/05 20:03:40 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ender's- maybe disfigured...
12/21/05 20:03:42 vomitor: OMG
12/21/05 20:03:44 Souless: alex----do u remember a record store called rock of ages in westland MI ? i met u guys there arround 92-ish still got the pics too :) and the autographed BAB mini poster and denim jacket in my attic..was just curious if my local metal store was memorable.lol
12/21/05 20:03:46 Yan: hey rob
12/21/05 20:03:46 AGENT_ORANGE: hey Hammer_Smashed_bass did you guys plan to make some new covers soon?
12/21/05 20:03:47 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB : DO YOU THINK THE BLEEDING WAS A MASTERPIECE??
12/21/05 20:03:52 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: I DO
12/21/05 20:04:07 Ender�s_Corpse: Rob, how do you feel playing with Pat?
12/21/05 20:04:12 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: totaly
12/21/05 20:04:14 wardepartment: welcome Rob
12/21/05 20:04:15 Tino_Tonitini: hey Rob
12/21/05 20:04:24 ROB_BARRETT: I just think that we did really good on it but the new stuff is better
12/21/05 20:04:35 wardepartment: cool cool
12/21/05 20:04:35 Yan: wow... thats gotta be something
12/21/05 20:04:36 emel_punk: HI MISTER ROB BARRET
12/21/05 20:04:39 lambknot: hey rob!
12/21/05 20:04:41 vomitor: now its going thight here lol
12/21/05 20:04:41 Brandon_sCorpse: hello Rob
12/21/05 20:04:42 ROB_BARRETT: its definatly cool
12/21/05 20:04:49 crypticsmell: Hey rob, what songs did you write on the bleeding?
12/21/05 20:04:53 AGENT_ORANGE: Hey Rob
12/21/05 20:04:58 Face_Smasher: So Rob, in Choosing Death, Chris Barnes is quoted as saying that he wrote the lyrics to Absolute Hatred. Is he lying or is that a typo
12/21/05 20:05:08 emel_punk: I REALLY LIKE THE WAY YOUP LAY THE GUITAR
12/21/05 20:05:13 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB _BARRETT : are their trade off solos like staring **** of the dead had ??
12/21/05 20:05:14 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: souless, it' hard to remember that place...
12/21/05 20:05:27 Chulo: Sorry some fucked up shit happened
12/21/05 20:05:31 ROB_BARRETT: yes
12/21/05 20:05:31 Souless: i figured.its a lil local place :(
12/21/05 20:05:45 Souless: but u guys were there doin autographs for a long time that day.lol
12/21/05 20:05:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Face, that's a typo for sure.
12/21/05 20:05:46 TomD666: oh thank christ, I'm not too late
12/21/05 20:06:01 Tino_Tonitini: hi TomD666
12/21/05 20:06:02 Irate_Nate: welcome Tom
12/21/05 20:06:03 TomD666: Shit, I just forgot all about this crazy session thing
12/21/05 20:06:04 TomD666: hi
12/21/05 20:06:22 SufferInTruth: I'm off for now. Thanks John for setting this up, thanks to Alex for answering our questions, hope to see that lounge jazz album on the shelves soon. lol
12/21/05 20:06:28 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless, if I saw it, I might remember. Was it on the Atheist tour?
12/21/05 20:06:36 Gorekid666: Rob... u would just like to say hello.. from Timmins Ontario Canada
12/21/05 20:06:37 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: Rob _barrett : are you using crates ??? for this tour ??and recording ??
12/21/05 20:06:40 Souless: i cant recall ,sadly
12/21/05 20:06:40 IceNine: I have a quick question: What do you guys think of the Swedish death metal band, Bloodbath and would you consider touring with them?
12/21/05 20:06:45 BitterSweet: bye suffer you doubter.....lol
12/21/05 20:06:46 Brandon_sCorpse: Rob do you play Jacks old parts now?
12/21/05 20:06:52 Souless: i got the pic of yall in the place..ill post it up later on the forum.
12/21/05 20:06:56 TomD666: Alright, can I ask something - how can you throw away the quality thrash tune "Enter At Your Own Risk" :|
12/21/05 20:06:58 Gorekid666: i would just like to say a big hello from Timmins Ontario Rob
12/21/05 20:07:13 Gorekid666: Bloodbath fucking RULE
12/21/05 20:07:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine- I have heard of them, but I haven't listened to them. But we'll tour with anybody brutal.
12/21/05 20:07:30 vomitor: Hammer_Smashed_Face do you feel that with this album it will begin a new period in CC career
12/21/05 20:07:34 ROB_BARRETT: the lyrics for absolute hatred were rewritten after he left by me
12/21/05 20:08:00 ROB_BARRETT: for the tour but used marshall in the studio
12/21/05 20:08:06 VILE666: ROB Absolute Hatred was the first song i heard by CC and i gotta say it really got me into you guys
12/21/05 20:08:07 Brandon_sCorpse: marshall rules
12/21/05 20:08:11 Brandon_sCorpse: hands down\
12/21/05 20:08:16 IceNine: Bloodbath are really great... you have to check them out. Dan Swano, Anders Blakkheim, Jonas Renske and Peter Tagtgren were the latest version... now they are looking for a new singer.
12/21/05 20:08:18 Face_Smasher: And he also said that Rusay wrote the music..
12/21/05 20:08:19 Tino_Tonitini: I'm gonna be going now as well. It was a pleasure chatting with ya, Alex. Thanx for answering my questions. Rock on, dude!
12/21/05 20:08:29 BitterSweet: night Tino
12/21/05 20:08:30 Ender�s_Corpse: Rob, what guitar did you use on the recording of "kill"? Les Paul?
12/21/05 20:08:31 Tino_Tonitini: Later!
12/21/05 20:08:31 TomD666: Heh, Absolute Hatred was different compared to the rest of the album.. still death metal, just different
12/21/05 20:08:33 crypticsmell: Hey rob, what guitars are you playing nowadays?
12/21/05 20:08:38 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD- LOL We just didn't like that song very much, sorry!
12/21/05 20:08:42 TomD666: Aw :(
12/21/05 20:08:53 TomD666: You've made me cry now
12/21/05 20:08:57 Souless: lol
12/21/05 20:09:01 TomD666: Heh
12/21/05 20:09:02 VILE666: lol
12/21/05 20:09:03 Souless: buck up trooper....hahaa
12/21/05 20:09:05 Gorekid666: Alex.... u know the Deadly Tracks compilation you all put out... is it available here in Canada... no eh
12/21/05 20:09:06 ROB_BARRETT: B C Rich Flying V Pats guitar
12/21/05 20:09:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine, I'll check them out for sure- what label are they on?
12/21/05 20:09:10 Face_Smasher: Vile... AVENGE ME!
12/21/05 20:09:16 lambknot: what would u guys do if ur new album sold 10 MILLION copies? and u suddenly were humongous!!
12/21/05 20:09:19 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB_ : what ever happened to the charvel with the black flag stickers
12/21/05 20:09:24 IceNine: I think they are on Century...
12/21/05 20:09:28 IceNine: Let me check
12/21/05 20:09:30 TomD666: Absolute Hatred seemed alot liked a Malevolent Creation type tune, naturally
12/21/05 20:09:36 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: totaly
12/21/05 20:09:43 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Gorekid- that was supposed to be for korea only, so if you find it, it's an import.
12/21/05 20:09:43 ROB_BARRETT: sold it on e-bay three years ago
12/21/05 20:09:50 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: really???
12/21/05 20:09:57 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i saw it
12/21/05 20:09:57 ROB_BARRETT: yes
12/21/05 20:09:59 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol
12/21/05 20:10:06 IceNine: Yeah, Bloodbath are on Century.
12/21/05 20:10:08 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: no sentmental value ??
12/21/05 20:10:10 Gorekid666: yes...Bloodbath is on century media records Alex... i just checked
12/21/05 20:10:11 ROB_BARRETT: the owner lives in seattle
12/21/05 20:10:34 ROB_BARRETT: yes but I needed money at the time were not rich
12/21/05 20:10:36 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel- Slayer, old Metallica, Accept, Sadus, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Kreator, Possessed....
12/21/05 20:10:38 crypticsmell: Well i think i will go up to seattle and "borrow" it lol
12/21/05 20:10:44 Souless: alex/rob either of you guys listen to grave old/new ? if so do u guys like them ?
12/21/05 20:10:49 ROB_BARRETT: good luck
12/21/05 20:10:51 TomD666: Damn, I was going to ask a question if you were coming to Manchester..
12/21/05 20:10:51 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Thanks Gorekid
12/21/05 20:11:00 TomD666: but I just saw Blabbermouth and it says Manchester so forget about that
12/21/05 20:11:04 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: why didn't u use the les paul to record rob?
12/21/05 20:11:11 Gorekid666: lol Alex...just call me Tyler
12/21/05 20:11:13 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Grave is cool. Cool people too.
12/21/05 20:11:16 ROB_BARRETT: I did for one song
12/21/05 20:11:19 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: RoB : how many guitars do you own !!!!
12/21/05 20:11:21 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: oh
12/21/05 20:11:22 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: OK Tyler
12/21/05 20:11:23 ROB_BARRETT: 2
12/21/05 20:11:28 IceNine: Here's a non-musical question for you: Did you think that the movie "Land of the Dead" sucked, or was it just me?
12/21/05 20:11:45 ROB_BARRETT: didn't see it
12/21/05 20:11:51 IceNine: Do yourself a favor... don't
12/21/05 20:11:53 IceNine: :D
12/21/05 20:11:58 Souless: it sucked......lol
12/21/05 20:11:59 VILE666: Rob or Alex, Which CANNIBAL CORPSE logo do you like better, OLD or NEW?
12/21/05 20:11:59 Irate_Nate: you guys ever pull a funny prank on the road that you can share?
12/21/05 20:12:02 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine- I skipped it! I heard it was a letdown...I'll probably watch it when it comes on cable.
12/21/05 20:12:11 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: old
12/21/05 20:12:13 TomD666: Can you come back to the old one :(
12/21/05 20:12:14 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: !!!!!
12/21/05 20:12:17 Gorekid666: Rob.... whats it like to be back in the band after being gone for a few years
12/21/05 20:12:17 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB _ : do you think you will buy more axes this year ???any that you have your eye on ??
12/21/05 20:12:19 Chulo: Hey Rob, why did you leave Malevolent Creation ?
12/21/05 20:12:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VILE- NEW
12/21/05 20:12:23 TomD666: what!
12/21/05 20:12:27 TomD666: that's insane
12/21/05 20:12:33 Brandon_sCorpse: Rob do you still have your Gibson Les Paul?
12/21/05 20:12:53 TomD666: the old one had more of an early 80s low budget splatterflick feel to it
12/21/05 20:12:54 TomD666: which I liked
12/21/05 20:12:55 emel_punk: MISTER ALEX IN THE VILE ALBUM
12/21/05 20:13:05 Souless: yeah old logo was brutal
12/21/05 20:13:05 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: that sunburst one in monolith, what year is that??
12/21/05 20:13:10 lambknot: will u GUYS be on a upcoming MOVIE SOUNDTRACK??
12/21/05 20:13:20 ROB_BARRETT: I have the les pauls but Im looking to get some dean guitars
12/21/05 20:13:29 VILE666: HELL YEAH MAN!
12/21/05 20:13:30 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD The old one is cool too,but I like that the new one is a little more "pro" looking. but I see your point.
12/21/05 20:13:41 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: dean, theyt make those funky looking les pauls
12/21/05 20:13:43 IceNine: The new one is a lot beter
12/21/05 20:13:44 IceNine: better
12/21/05 20:13:45 vomitor: yeah
12/21/05 20:13:52 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: O.K : WHY DOESNT GUITAR PLAYER DO AN INTERVIEW WITH YOU GUYS ???
12/21/05 20:14:03 Brandon_sCorpse: or guitar world
12/21/05 20:14:03 ROB_BARRETT: ask them
12/21/05 20:14:09 VILE666: Rob, who is/was your Guitar idol when you where younger?
12/21/05 20:14:12 crypticsmell: Hey alex, i bought an original butchered at birth longlseeve off of ebay the other day, how rare is it?
12/21/05 20:14:22 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- They are too busy talking to the smae 5 bands every issue.
12/21/05 20:14:27 ROB_BARRETT: eddie van halen
12/21/05 20:14:29 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: same
12/21/05 20:14:34 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: hahaha
12/21/05 20:14:35 IceNine: Here's an off-the-wall question: did any of you guys see "March of the Penguins?" Those fucking penguins go through some serious shit. :lol:
12/21/05 20:14:43 VILE666: LMAO
12/21/05 20:14:46 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 20:14:52 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: hahaha
12/21/05 20:14:52 lambknot: ZAKK WLYDE OR SLASH?? lol
12/21/05 20:14:54 wardepartment: lol\
12/21/05 20:14:55 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ice, No...heard it was good for kids...
12/21/05 20:14:57 Souless: have you guys considered using an stage dressing/decorations and shit durring ur shows...like a morgue set up and dead shit all over the place ? shit like that ??
12/21/05 20:15:01 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: zakk
12/21/05 20:15:01 Souless: any^
12/21/05 20:15:04 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX / ROB : DOES IT BOTHER YOU THAT GUITAR WORLD WONT STEP UP ??
12/21/05 20:15:05 IceNine: My son loved the movie... yep.
12/21/05 20:15:06 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: all the way
12/21/05 20:15:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- ZAKK!!
12/21/05 20:15:24 EYEHATEGOD: yeah slash blows
12/21/05 20:15:26 VILE666: ZAKK WYLDE OR DIME?
12/21/05 20:15:26 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: rotting- they might one of these days...
12/21/05 20:15:37 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: DIME!
12/21/05 20:15:43 VILE666: \m/
12/21/05 20:15:58 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: HEY slash is cool
12/21/05 20:16:00 vomitor: ALEX have met with j.Hanneman is he cool guy
12/21/05 20:16:04 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: the fuker can play
12/21/05 20:16:08 crypticsmell: Hey, alex, I bought an original butchered at birth longsleeve on ebay the other day. is it, and other shirts with the old logo pretty rare?
12/21/05 20:16:10 Gorekid666: Alex... have you seen the Slayer: Still Reigning DVD released last year where Dave Lombardo is back in the lineup and they play through the whole 1986 Reign in Blood setlist
12/21/05 20:16:19 IceNine: Do you guys like to read a lot? If so, who are your favorite authors?
12/21/05 20:16:21 Brandon_sCorpse: that dvd rules
12/21/05 20:16:31 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: vomitor- I met Kerry King, not Jeff H. Kerry was very cool.
12/21/05 20:16:41 vomitor: ko thnx
12/21/05 20:16:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Now they just need to take us on tour, damnit!
12/21/05 20:16:48 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i heard kerry hated death metal
12/21/05 20:16:53 wardepartment: lol]
12/21/05 20:17:02 TomD666: Kerry King is SUCH A GOOD SOLOIST amirite
12/21/05 20:17:02 Souless: yeah sup with mr king and his dm hate comments
12/21/05 20:17:03 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VBF- he might, at least the vocals...
12/21/05 20:17:13 vomitor: sad
12/21/05 20:17:16 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: yeah, cookie monster
12/21/05 20:17:17 VILE666: lol that dosnt make sence
12/21/05 20:17:20 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: bullshit
12/21/05 20:17:22 vomitor: i love those vocals
12/21/05 20:17:23 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD- I love Kerry and Jeff's solos
12/21/05 20:17:29 TomD666: Heh
12/21/05 20:17:33 TomD666: RiB solos are funny
12/21/05 20:17:41 TomD666: I mean they don't detract from listening experience or whatever
12/21/05 20:17:41 Gorekid666: Alex... how is George doing
12/21/05 20:17:42 vomitor: why?
12/21/05 20:17:42 TomD666: just funny
12/21/05 20:17:43 EYEHATEGOD: yeah slayer has some of the worst thrash vocals in my oopinion so why does kerry hate dm
12/21/05 20:17:46 crypticsmell: *random divebomb, play notes all over fretboard*
12/21/05 20:17:55 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB : was therealot of people at the moscow show on the dvd???
12/21/05 20:17:56 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: hes a noob thats why
12/21/05 20:18:01 IceNine: That's the Slayer formula!
12/21/05 20:18:02 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: its hard to see??
12/21/05 20:18:02 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: lol
12/21/05 20:18:04 Souless: cuz hes to busy lookin like a WWE reject wrestler today.lol
12/21/05 20:18:07 AGENT_ORANGE: Alex/Rob whats is your fav thrash metal bands?
12/21/05 20:18:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yeah, Slayer should be proud that the death metal scene was helped by their influence. But they sort of turn their noses up at it, which is a shame.
12/21/05 20:18:17 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: totaly
12/21/05 20:18:23 wardepartment: yep
12/21/05 20:18:27 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: and they dont support dm bands at all
12/21/05 20:18:37 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: never seen one on tour with them
12/21/05 20:18:44 lambknot: ARE THE LYRICS MORE VIOLENT THAN EVER?? lol
12/21/05 20:18:48 TomD666: They're perfectlly fine with touring with nu-metal bands and being influenced by them though!
12/21/05 20:18:53 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Agent- RAZOR, EXODUS, SLAYER, DEFLESHED(death thrash)....lots of others...
12/21/05 20:18:54 EYEHATEGOD: hahaha
12/21/05 20:18:54 Souless: cuz most any DM band would show them up i think.
12/21/05 20:19:01 IceNine: Defleshed are greate!
12/21/05 20:19:02 EYEHATEGOD: fuck yeah
12/21/05 20:19:03 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: other than morbid angel, but thats because pantera liked them
12/21/05 20:19:04 IceNine: great1
12/21/05 20:19:06 crypticsmell: Hey alex, are the original shirts with the old logo pretty rare? I bought a butchered at birth longsleeve the other day with the old logo, and i was just wondering
12/21/05 20:19:07 AGENT_ORANGE: Razor \m/
12/21/05 20:19:11 wardepartment: so is Vincent Locke doing the art work for Kill?
12/21/05 20:19:21 TomD666: No, they decided to get Vincent Van Gough
12/21/05 20:19:21 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : I HEARD SLIPKNOT WERE GOING TO TAKE YOU GUYS TO OPEN ??? WHAT HAPPENED ?
12/21/05 20:19:21 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- we've got some violent lyrics this time, for sure.
12/21/05 20:19:22 TomD666: from the dead
12/21/05 20:19:30 VILE666: Hey Rob, what model of DEAN where u thinking of getting?
12/21/05 20:19:41 TomD666: they rose Vincent Van Gough from the dead and he's going to paint a bunch of flowers for the cover art
12/21/05 20:19:42 TomD666: right?
12/21/05 20:19:45 ROB_BARRETT: vile- cadillac
12/21/05 20:20:02 vomitor: lol
12/21/05 20:20:06 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: i gotta jet its been cool! cant wasit to "killll" lol
12/21/05 20:20:06 VILE666: sweet
12/21/05 20:20:07 vomitor: roses
12/21/05 20:20:15 TomD666: tulips.
12/21/05 20:20:16 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: wardept- Vince did some art, but we felt it would be better inside the CD, instead of for the cover. It's a cool piece, but it seems to be better inside than as a cover piece.
12/21/05 20:20:20 BitterSweet: bye VBF
12/21/05 20:20:25 Vaginal_Blood_Fart: thankscya
12/21/05 20:20:33 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: LaterVBF!
12/21/05 20:20:36 Irate_Nate: later vbf
12/21/05 20:20:37 Vaginal_Blood_Fart Logs Out
12/21/05 20:20:37 VILE666: cya VBF
12/21/05 20:20:40 Face_Smasher: Later
12/21/05 20:20:49 Face_Smasher: And sorry about freaking out, guys
12/21/05 20:20:52 Ender�s_Corpse: Rob, do you remember the show in Chile on 1997? We are waiting for you to come back!
12/21/05 20:21:13 IceNine: What do you guys think of the whole "grindcore" thing? I can dig it and all, but I find your music and others to be better, what with the breakdowns and all... on that note, what do you think of Pig Destroyer or Nasum?
12/21/05 20:21:25 emel_punk: MISTER ALEX what did you like about colombia?
12/21/05 20:21:33 ROB_BARRETT: enders-hopefully we'll be back soon
12/21/05 20:21:44 Yan: grindcore is one of the best musical styles out there IMO
12/21/05 20:21:53 EYEHATEGOD: i have to go to work damn it.......it was cool of you guys to come chat on here.....and hopefully ill see you in australia soon
12/21/05 20:22:02 BitterSweet: bye Tom
12/21/05 20:22:04 VILE666: cya later tom
12/21/05 20:22:05 IceNine: quit your job
12/21/05 20:22:09 EYEHATEGOD: hahaha
12/21/05 20:22:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine- I prefer death metal(of course) but some grind is OK. Terrorizor is my favorite. Dead Infectionis cool too. I saw them play in Czecdh last year, it was killer.
12/21/05 20:22:23 EYEHATEGOD: righto later
12/21/05 20:22:27 Souless: if i get my cannibal tat....would u guys have a prob using the ink guy and autographing arround it on my back? if the chance came about? im gunna get the zombies of BAB done at lockes tat shop here..
12/21/05 20:22:31 EYEHATEGOD Logs Out
12/21/05 20:22:34 Souless: gun^
12/21/05 20:22:40 IceNine: Yeah, grindcore gets a bit tiring... I can only hear so many blastbeats before I want to snap the disc in half.
12/21/05 20:22:43 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: vomitor- yeah, it is a special album, I think, but you guys will have to be the judge.
12/21/05 20:22:43 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB _BARRETT ; WHATS YOUR FAV / NON METAL ALBUM ? ? ?
12/21/05 20:22:51 TomD666: What was the first piece of controversy you ever had?
12/21/05 20:22:54 lambknot: what do u think about bands like SUICIDAL TEBDENCIES??
12/21/05 20:23:00 Yan: well, how about Brutal death metal then? stuff like Devourment... what do you think about them?
12/21/05 20:23:03 Gorekid666: Alex... ever thought of coming up to Timmins ontario... i know you guys played in Sudbury which is only 4 hours away
12/21/05 20:23:26 VILE666: Hey Alex or Rob, do you guys like Goregasm?
12/21/05 20:23:31 ROB_BARRETT: rotting- permanent waves by Rush
12/21/05 20:23:40 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless- think it over! LOL If you get a tat, we'll be happy to sign it when we see you. That's a huge honor for us when a fan gets a tat of us.
12/21/05 20:23:45 TomD666: Also, how come the songtitles in Kill seem alot different this time in... some... way
12/21/05 20:23:46 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: AHHHH GOOD CHOICE --ROB
12/21/05 20:23:48 TomD666: not in a bad way i mean
12/21/05 20:23:53 Face_Smasher: Accidentally clicked chat on the tomb page
12/21/05 20:23:55 crypticsmell: I'm going to get some chow, be back later
12/21/05 20:24:02 ROB_BARRETT: Goregasm rules
12/21/05 20:24:11 VILE666: \m/(>.<)\m/
12/21/05 20:24:14 Gorekid666: Alex... did u get my question
12/21/05 20:24:16 Souless: BAB is the baddest ass cover art ever.ive always wanted that tat
12/21/05 20:24:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: emel- punk's cool. For hard rock, I like old Van Halen,and old AC/DC.
12/21/05 20:24:22 Irate_Nate: either Alex or Rob into pro wrestling at all?
12/21/05 20:24:32 wardepartment: right on
12/21/05 20:24:36 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Tyler, come again?
12/21/05 20:24:54 ROB_BARRETT: thats georges kind of thing
12/21/05 20:25:00 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Nate, I like UFC and other MMA competitions...
12/21/05 20:25:01 IceNine: You should get that big bastard, Corpsegrinder, on here to talk!
12/21/05 20:25:04 Souless: and i think its cool lockes brother has a tat shop up the road from me here to get it done at
12/21/05 20:25:08 Irate_Nate: cool cool
12/21/05 20:25:15 lambknot: do u guys play video games on tour? lol
12/21/05 20:25:22 TomD666: Actually, have you ever thought of re-recording Escape The Torment or Enter At Your Own Risk since I find those songs really.. interesting
12/21/05 20:25:23 TomD666: for some odd reason
12/21/05 20:25:30 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine- He can't talk. He just grunts like a caveman! LOL
12/21/05 20:25:33 Irate_Nate: lol
12/21/05 20:25:35 Yan: heh... good question, are you guys into gaming?
12/21/05 20:25:35 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB _BARRETT : FAVOURITE MOVIE ??
12/21/05 20:25:37 BitterSweet: lol
12/21/05 20:25:45 IceNine: lol
12/21/05 20:25:58 TomD666: So if he were to come online he'd just smash the keyboard with his fists? :(
12/21/05 20:26:04 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Yan- George is a major gamer. He loves World of Warcraft
12/21/05 20:26:06 ROB_BARRETT: rotting- goodfellas, pulpfiction
12/21/05 20:26:06 vomitor: hahah
12/21/05 20:26:14 Souless: with his stump.lol
12/21/05 20:26:15 TomD666: what the george plays world of warcraft
12/21/05 20:26:16 Irate_Nate: I play Everquest
12/21/05 20:26:24 vomitor: pulpfiction is fucking cool
12/21/05 20:26:31 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD LOL maybe, HAHAHA!
12/21/05 20:26:34 Yan: No way! wow! i'd never have guessed
12/21/05 20:26:36 emel_punk: I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOONS ON COLOMBIA CHAO
12/21/05 20:26:46 IceNine: Have you guys ever seen "August Underground's Mordum?"
12/21/05 20:26:47 Ender�s_Corpse: Rob and Alex, How many hours do you practice on your instruments when you are not on tour, or recording?
12/21/05 20:26:48 emel_punk: GREATING FROM YOUR FAN EMEL
12/21/05 20:26:56 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: adios emel!
12/21/05 20:27:04 Irate_Nate: take care emel!
12/21/05 20:27:37 Irate_Nate: I figured Gaz woulda made it
12/21/05 20:27:39 lambknot: THE GECKO BROTHERS VS. VINCENT AND JULES? lol
12/21/05 20:27:50 TomD666: Hmm
12/21/05 20:27:57 TomD666: You ever thought of doing an all-covers album?
12/21/05 20:27:58 IceNine: What do you think of movies like the "Gunea Pig" series or stuff like "Mordum?" These are about as close to snuff films as you can get... pretty disturbing stuff, what with the corpse fucking and all.
12/21/05 20:28:04 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ender's- it depends on what I'm working on. Uusally a couple hours with the band, and a few more at home alone if needed.
12/21/05 20:28:07 IceNine: Guinea Pig, that is
12/21/05 20:28:12 ROB_BARRETT: Rotting-yeah
12/21/05 20:28:21 Yan: guinea pig rocked
12/21/05 20:28:22 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: FUCKEN KOOL
12/21/05 20:28:27 Yan: well... some of em
12/21/05 20:28:32 TomD666: I mean, after hearing the bonus tracks on 15 Year Killing Spree, I just think "oh snap corpsegrinder does awesome vocals for Endless Pain"
12/21/05 20:28:39 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine- Guinea Pig was sick! The samurai dude that dismembered that chick...twisted shit!
12/21/05 20:28:46 IceNine: Very!
12/21/05 20:28:50 Yan: my favorite : )
12/21/05 20:29:03 TomD666: guinea pigs are cute ^___^
12/21/05 20:29:09 TomD666: oh wait we're talking about that japanese film right
12/21/05 20:29:10 Face_Smasher: All your albums, escept Gore Obsessed, have parental advisory labals. Why does GO have no label.
12/21/05 20:29:16 Chulo: Ok, I have to go
12/21/05 20:29:23 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TmoD- Yeah George kicks ass on the cover tunes. The "Confessions" cover is my fav
12/21/05 20:29:24 Face_Smasher: Not that I'm pro PA labals anyway
12/21/05 20:29:27 VILE666: cause of the slip covr i bileave
12/21/05 20:29:28 IceNine: My copy of Gore Obsessed came in a black slip-cover.
12/21/05 20:29:30 VILE666: cover*
12/21/05 20:29:34 Irate_Nate: how often do you guys get recognized when you are out in public?
12/21/05 20:30:11 necrophilia676: thank the fuck i made it before alex left...is there any order or anything for asking questions??
12/21/05 20:30:18 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Nate- very, very rarely. Some people recognize the name Cannibal Corpse if I am wearing one of our shirts, but they don't realize I'm in the band.
12/21/05 20:30:20 TomD666: naw, jus ask away or anything
12/21/05 20:30:23 ROB_BARRETT: vomitor-yeah I have been practicing a lot more
12/21/05 20:30:28 TomD666: Actually
12/21/05 20:30:32 IceNine: Here's another off-the-wall question: Is it just me, or do other people think that most of the solos in Celtic Frost songs sound very much like they miked a live turkey and put distortion on it?
12/21/05 20:30:33 TomD666: what do your parents think of this death metal business
12/21/05 20:30:43 Irate_Nate: ahhh
12/21/05 20:30:43 crypticsmell: Hey Alex, does your wife like death metal?
12/21/05 20:30:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: necro- I'm going to split in five or ten minutes, so ask away!
12/21/05 20:31:02 Souless: is there any DM bands u guys dont get along with or had sum issues with on tour that would make an interesting tale ?
12/21/05 20:31:05 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: cryptic- yes she does!
12/21/05 20:31:06 necrophilia676: ausom thanks man! i thought i was going to miss you from one bassist to the next haha
12/21/05 20:31:12 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex does Paul use a gate on the drums live?
12/21/05 20:31:18 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB : your picking style is unorthidox .........kinda like marty freidmans ......does that help alternate picking , but yet inhibit downpicking ??
12/21/05 20:31:35 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: she also likes some other stuff, but she likes death metal, especially the fast stuff. She gets pissed when we write a slow song, LOL
12/21/05 20:31:43 TomD666: Haha
12/21/05 20:31:44 crypticsmell: haha awesome
12/21/05 20:31:59 IceNine: What do you guys think of the band Entombed?
12/21/05 20:32:00 Irate_Nate: I just want to thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this - hope it will be one of many chat events on the site :) yall are the greatest man
12/21/05 20:32:03 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex does Paul use a gate on the drums live?
12/21/05 20:32:03 crypticsmell: Also, potatoes, mashed or baked?
12/21/05 20:32:04 necrophilia676: so alex-what warm up technexies do you recomend for warming up to get the speed. i can play a few like the bleeding and most of hammer smashed face
12/21/05 20:32:06 ROB_BARRETT: rotting-icant' downpick as fast as pat but i keep up with the way that I'm playing
12/21/05 20:32:08 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Brandons- I think our soundman might use a gate, I don't really know
12/21/05 20:32:20 Brandon_sCorpse: ok
12/21/05 20:32:25 Brandon_sCorpse: thanks
12/21/05 20:32:27 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: BAKED
12/21/05 20:32:36 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Unless it's garlic MASHED
12/21/05 20:32:42 TomD666: What!
12/21/05 20:32:46 TomD666: Mashed potatoes are obviously superior
12/21/05 20:32:50 VILE666: yep
12/21/05 20:32:51 lambknot: what r ya guys gonna do after this???????
12/21/05 20:32:52 Yan: no way!
12/21/05 20:32:57 Yan: Baked
12/21/05 20:32:58 crypticsmell: yuusss, i just had some mashed potatoes and they were krieg
12/21/05 20:33:00 Souless: fry form rules..lol
12/21/05 20:33:00 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Baked require more patience...
12/21/05 20:33:04 VILE666: Hey alex and Rob, do you guys like tacos?
12/21/05 20:33:13 ROB_BARRETT: lamb- I have to go shopping
12/21/05 20:33:13 Irate_Nate: lol
12/21/05 20:33:31 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Vile yes, Tacos are killer, escpecially MIGHTY TACO in Buffalo!
12/21/05 20:33:34 TomD666: What would you think of an alternative universe where you're as big as Metallica, and sold out like them too
12/21/05 20:33:50 ROB_BARRETT: vile- mighty taco from buffalo is the best
12/21/05 20:33:51 IceNine: What do you think of Meshuggah? Those guys are some serious players and their guitarist clearly loves Allan Holdsworth.
12/21/05 20:33:55 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB : did you study theory ??? and if yes do you still??
12/21/05 20:33:57 Face_Smasher: I was getting at this... what's the point of the parental advisory labels on the CDs anyway? The cover art pretty much tells what you're in for.
12/21/05 20:34:00 TomD666: haha
12/21/05 20:34:09 Yan: treu
12/21/05 20:34:11 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD- Wow, that would be fucked up...It'll neve happen, so it's hard to say!
12/21/05 20:34:12 Yan: true*
12/21/05 20:34:12 Face_Smasher: Not like any DM fans give two craps about those labels
12/21/05 20:34:15 Souless: alex---does it suprise u as much as it appears to be a cc fan base of old vs new cc ?
12/21/05 20:34:27 TomD666: Oh wait I just realized
12/21/05 20:34:34 TomD666: if you were parallel to Metallica in this other universe, you'd die :(
12/21/05 20:34:38 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ice- Messhugah play very well, but I don't listen to them much.
12/21/05 20:34:39 ROB_BARRETT: Rotting- I can't read music but I'm alot better since I have been back in cannibal
12/21/05 20:34:45 TomD666: and get replaced by some other guy and have the bass tracks removed
12/21/05 20:34:48 vomitor: will be there also censored artwork this time around ALEX
12/21/05 20:35:06 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, do you remember two fans at Santiago, Chile Airport 2004? It was me and my brother lol
12/21/05 20:35:09 crypticsmell: Alex, what do you think about the whole music industry trying to ban tabs?
12/21/05 20:35:10 necrophilia676: alex duno if u saw mine, what skill techniques do u recomend to be able to get up to speed and accurecy, and i can play hammer smashed face and the bleeding pretty well as examples but sumtimes loose a bit of speed
12/21/05 20:35:11 IceNine: Rob: I am glad that you are back in the band... I like Malevolent Creation and all, but Cannibal Corpse is way better.
12/21/05 20:35:23 TomD666: Hm, I think this has been asked before, but - have you ever thought of doing a concept album>
12/21/05 20:35:25 VILE666: ahmen to that brother
12/21/05 20:35:32 ROB_BARRETT: ice-thanks
12/21/05 20:35:39 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB : you are my favourite shredder in metal ......but .....is it insane to watch pat ??
12/21/05 20:35:53 ROB_BARRETT: Rotting- yes!!
12/21/05 20:36:02 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Souless- I think that since singers are very important to most fans, that it's not a surprise. Chris and George are really quite different, so it's no surprise that people like one or the other better. We like George better!LOL
12/21/05 20:36:03 TomD666: Oh wait, here's a good one
12/21/05 20:36:06 IceNine: I was happy when I read your name as a member of Cannibal Corpse in the thanks on the Paths of Possession disc. I posted about it here and people thought I was full of shit. lol
12/21/05 20:36:08 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ROB : how good is he ????
12/21/05 20:36:10 TomD666: what's the youngest fan you've ever seen at a show? :)
12/21/05 20:36:13 necrophilia676: and ROB-does it feel just like old times or is a completly different feeling like your comming into a new band?
12/21/05 20:36:28 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Enders yes, I remember you guys!
12/21/05 20:36:41 Souless: ide figure that now......lol minus problems and all....haha
12/21/05 20:36:46 Irate_Nate: thats awesomew
12/21/05 20:36:46 ROB_BARRETT: rotting-he is so good that you will hear how good in the next album
12/21/05 20:36:52 lambknot: HOW DO U GUYS WARM UP BEFORE A SHOW?
12/21/05 20:36:53 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: hahaha
12/21/05 20:36:55 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: i bet
12/21/05 20:37:16 Face_Smasher: So why do the albums have parental advisories anyways? For one, it's kinda redundant, because the cover art tells ya what you'rE IN FOR> Two, a DM fan wouldn't carew about any warning label
12/21/05 20:37:26 ROB_BARRETT: necro- its pretty much like old times except for pat in the band
12/21/05 20:37:26 Mutilated1: Hammer_Smashed_Bass do you remember meeting wardepartment and I Feb 2004 at the Masquerade in Atlanta ? Rememebr this pic: http://tombofthemutilated.net/index.php?showuser=2
12/21/05 20:37:35 crypticsmell: I dont know if this has been asked yet, but what is the most technically demanding song on the new album?
12/21/05 20:37:40 TomD666: Maybe it's for the kids who pick up CDs just because of the parental advisory label
12/21/05 20:37:41 VILE666: Hey alex, are you guys going to tour in virgina when you guys?
12/21/05 20:37:44 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- just some scales and stuff for a few minutes before the show. We also will play easier songs first in the live set to help us warm up.
12/21/05 20:37:44 TomD666: and they'll finally listen to some good music! :P
12/21/05 20:37:53 Irate_Nate: ALex,did you enjoy playing @ Club Laga in Pittsburgh,I know the roadies always seem to hated it...all the stairs & all heh
12/21/05 20:38:14 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: VILE666- Yeah, I'm sure we'll hit JAXX or Norva again in 2006
12/21/05 20:38:15 Irate_Nate: I was bummed as hell when it closed down
12/21/05 20:38:18 ROB_BARRETT: lamb-play scales to warm up
12/21/05 20:38:38 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: mutilated- yes, I remember!
12/21/05 20:38:43 IceNine: You know what would be great? Yep, a Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Jungle Rot tour.
12/21/05 20:38:44 Mutilated1: :D
12/21/05 20:38:45 born_in_a_coffin: lod old fuck
12/21/05 20:38:48 Face_Smasher: So, have you ever seen a movie on newgrounds.com called Cannibal Clocks?
12/21/05 20:38:49 born_in_a_coffin: ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/21/05 20:38:55 necrophilia676: ALEX-any specific reason for going from the half step standard to getting the low B?
12/21/05 20:38:56 TomD666: Oh yeah, I saw that
12/21/05 20:38:57 ROB_BARRETT: Rotting- sinister and cynic I remember those
12/21/05 20:39:02 TomD666: I thought it was pretty retarded for some reason
12/21/05 20:39:09 born_in_a_coffin: HOLEY SHIT ITS ALEX
12/21/05 20:39:10 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: nate, yeah, I like Laga a lot. Yeah, the road crew hated the stairs!
12/21/05 20:39:12 TomD666: Death Metal Karaoke is obviously better
12/21/05 20:39:33 lambknot: what is the tuning on the new album??
12/21/05 20:39:35 Mutilated1: Iniquity fucking destroys - death metal Karakoke \m/
12/21/05 20:39:40 TomD666: yeah, that was brilliant
12/21/05 20:39:48 Souless: sadly tho thats bout their best song.lol
12/21/05 20:39:53 Face_Smasher: Yeah, I liked that one
12/21/05 20:39:56 born_in_a_coffin: alex what do u think is the best song live u guys ever played
12/21/05 20:39:59 Souless: i like them and all but they aint all that.lol
12/21/05 20:40:02 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: necro- our first four albums were a half step down, so it makes it easy to play all songs on the same guitar if the 7 strins are also a half step down.
12/21/05 20:40:11 IceNine: Alex: have you seen Martin the Satanic Raccoon goes to a Cannibal Corpse show?
12/21/05 20:40:41 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: born- Hard to say....maybe Hammer, just for the crowd response.
12/21/05 20:40:45 TomD666: Hmm, Alex, what's the youngest fan you've ever seen at a show - and have you ever thought of doing a concept album or something?
12/21/05 20:41:00 TomD666: 3:40PM?
12/21/05 20:41:05 TomD666: AM you mean
12/21/05 20:41:06 Mutilated1: yes I wonder also about the concept album idea
12/21/05 20:41:11 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: IceNine- yeah, that was funny. How about Brak sings Fucked with a Knife?
12/21/05 20:41:12 necrophilia676: ALEX OR ROB!!-if you had to say the new album was the bastard son of any two other albums, which two would you say fit the best?
12/21/05 20:41:21 IceNine: A classic!
12/21/05 20:41:22 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: goodnight vomitor!
12/21/05 20:41:31 vomitor: AM YEAH
12/21/05 20:41:32 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex have you guys ever thought about doing a double cd?
12/21/05 20:41:33 vomitor: LOL
12/21/05 20:41:37 Mutilated1: last time they played it 2nd
12/21/05 20:41:38 crypticsmell: woah, where can i find that brak sings fucked with a knife?
12/21/05 20:41:50 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- we did stripped last year for a couple of tours, and played hammer 2nd.
12/21/05 20:41:53 TomD666: Isn't it just Brak's face and it synching to the vocals or something
12/21/05 20:42:00 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: NICE
12/21/05 20:42:12 born_in_a_coffin: alex can u tell me all ur guyses canadain tour dates please
12/21/05 20:42:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TmoD- Yeah, it's hilarious
12/21/05 20:42:22 TomD666: Oh, and have you thought of playing some rarer tracks on hte next tour, like Rotting Head, Raped By The Beast, hell, Absolute Hatred?
12/21/05 20:42:39 TomD666: I think it was the production
12/21/05 20:42:48 IceNine: Gallery of Suicide was great!
12/21/05 20:42:52 Souless: i think gallery is one of the beter ones personally
12/21/05 20:42:55 Yan: i liked it alot... dont know about other guys
12/21/05 20:42:55 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: born- we don't know yet, sorry...check cannibalcorpse.net for tour dates throughout the year.
12/21/05 20:43:02 Souless: stabbed in the throat is like a god send
12/21/05 20:43:05 TomD666: It was good, but when compared to every other album it really wasn't as good
12/21/05 20:43:07 ROB_BARRETT: I have to go to do some last minute shopping.. thanks everyone for your continued support. I'll log back in soon
12/21/05 20:43:09 TomD666: oh, stabbed in the throat was great
12/21/05 20:43:14 IceNine: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Cannibal Corpse improved 100% when they got Corpsegrinder.
12/21/05 20:43:15 born_in_a_coffin: ok
12/21/05 20:43:19 Mutilated1: goodnight rob
12/21/05 20:43:19 TomD666: Agreed
12/21/05 20:43:19 necrophilia676: LATOR ROB THANKS FOR COMMING IN :D
12/21/05 20:43:20 Brandon_sCorpse: Cya Rob
12/21/05 20:43:20 Mutilated1: thanks
12/21/05 20:43:20 Souless: thx for coming!!!
12/21/05 20:43:22 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- I think because it had some slower songs, and more melody....
12/21/05 20:43:23 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: RoB it was a pleasure
12/21/05 20:43:23 lambknot: thankx man!!
12/21/05 20:43:28 Face_Smasher: Thanks for coming, Rob
12/21/05 20:43:29 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: see you in toronto!@!
12/21/05 20:43:31 crypticsmell: later rob, stay brutal
12/21/05 20:43:32 Yan: later rob
12/21/05 20:43:36 Brandon_sCorpse: Gnight Rob
12/21/05 20:43:36 IceNine: Later.
12/21/05 20:43:39 ROB_BARRETT Logs Out
12/21/05 20:43:43 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ice Nine is correct, hahaha!
12/21/05 20:43:43 TomD666: I dunno, I find it more interesting with the more melody slower songs.. but the production seemed bland
12/21/05 20:43:45 Ender�s_Corpse: Thanks Rob for being here
12/21/05 20:43:46 TomD666: see ya rob
12/21/05 20:43:53 born_in_a_coffin: rob u rok dude
12/21/05 20:44:07 born_in_a_coffin: alex aint leavi nyet is he??!!
12/21/05 20:44:12 born_in_a_coffin: i just got on
12/21/05 20:44:26 Yan: damnation... school starts in about 4 hours
12/21/05 20:44:29 Yan: oh well...
12/21/05 20:44:41 lambknot: A BIT OF A JUMP BUT WHERE DO U SEE YOURSELVES IN 10 YEARS?
12/21/05 20:44:43 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD- We were not 100% happy with the production either. Jim Morris likes to reduce the distortion in the guitar sound. Pat was not happy about that at all....
12/21/05 20:44:49 born_in_a_coffin: alex wha do u guys think of morbid angels cover of damnation
12/21/05 20:44:53 TomD666: Haha, nice to see the band agrees with it :D
12/21/05 20:44:57 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- in wheelchairs!!!
12/21/05 20:45:00 necrophilia676: ALEX-not to my knoweldge are there any tab books for bass for the albums, but if there are where can we get them, and if not would you even concider putting them out, especly regarding the new laws with tab and lyrics sites
12/21/05 20:45:27 Mutilated1: speaking of that isn't Cannibal Corpse doing a tab book ?
12/21/05 20:45:28 crypticsmell: Well guys, I'm going to run. It was a pleasure talking with you alex
12/21/05 20:45:41 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: necro- I have made tabs for the whole new album,a dn I'm going to try and get it published....
12/21/05 20:45:52 necrophilia676: Ausom that would fucking rock man!
12/21/05 20:45:54 Souless: here ya go alex... would love ur thought on this.lol http://tombofthemutilated.net/index.php?showtopic=8775&st=0&
12/21/05 20:45:55 Yan: oh thats gonna be so sweet
12/21/05 20:45:59 TomD666: holy shit the whole new album
12/21/05 20:46:03 IceNine: Here's another of my patented questions: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?
12/21/05 20:46:09 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- I will go to my in-laws, and dress casual. They're very cool.
12/21/05 20:46:15 TomD666: okay, technicality wise - what will it be like compared to The Wretched Spawn
12/21/05 20:46:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ice DLR, of course!
12/21/05 20:46:26 VILE666: HAHA YES SOULESS
12/21/05 20:46:27 TomD666: Kill, i Mean
12/21/05 20:46:29 IceNine: Thank fuck! Hagar sucks balls.
12/21/05 20:46:46 lambknot: what do ya think of the new law against no tabs on the net?
12/21/05 20:46:52 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: OLD HAGAR IS GOOD
12/21/05 20:46:55 born_in_a_coffin: alex do u guys always listn to death metal all the time?
12/21/05 20:47:00 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: TomD- The new album is more tech, for sure. I think mainly becasue Jakc is no longer with us, and he wrote easy stuff(that was still heavy, of course).
12/21/05 20:47:00 IceNine: Hey, Alex, have you heard the greatness that is Crispin Hellion Glover's album???
12/21/05 20:47:10 necrophilia676: yes, i had to shut down a site with my friend that we ran for lyrics
12/21/05 20:47:21 Yan: theres a law against online tabs.....?
12/21/05 20:47:24 TomD666: Heh
12/21/05 20:47:25 necrophilia676: its quite FUCKED up if i may say, especly with inforcing jail time
12/21/05 20:47:39 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: born- not all the time, but almost daily, yes. Buyt I'll also listen to classical and some other stuff....
12/21/05 20:47:52 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ice, nope, I have not...
12/21/05 20:48:04 David: webster whats up
12/21/05 20:48:11 IceNine: Man, that is some out there stuff... you should check it out... if you are in the mood for some bizarre shit.
12/21/05 20:48:14 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: hello David!
12/21/05 20:48:20 necrophilia676: Alex-there was a thred regarding if CC played black metal what band they would be, if u guys played black who do you think you would best represent?
12/21/05 20:48:27 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : DO YOU LIKE KING CRIMSON?
12/21/05 20:48:30 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: I'll check it out then!
12/21/05 20:48:36 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, have you seen any Cannibal Corpse tribute band? If so, what did you think of them?
12/21/05 20:48:38 born_in_a_coffin: alex ater the albu mand tour and such r u gonnalay low 4 a while or get a nother album going
12/21/05 20:48:44 Souless: http://tombofthemutilated.net/index.php?showtopic=8775&st=0& would love ur thought on this alex be4 ya left....lol
12/21/05 20:48:48 David: what's up with the bands new release, Kill
12/21/05 20:48:52 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- Yes, I like the song "discipline" the best.
12/21/05 20:49:00 TomD666: Hmm
12/21/05 20:49:09 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex when you guys are not touring ..how may times do you guys get together and practice?
12/21/05 20:49:15 IceNine: Hell, let's go for another movie question: Did you dig "The Devil's Rejects" at all?
12/21/05 20:49:23 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: souless, my browser keeps blocking popups...
12/21/05 20:49:29 lambknot: WHAT DO U THINK ABOUT THE US GOVERNMENT? LOL
12/21/05 20:49:34 Irate_Nate: yeah I cant click it either
12/21/05 20:49:34 IceNine: There was some pretty decent violence in that movie...
12/21/05 20:49:39 BitterSweet: hey thats a really cool pic.....
12/21/05 20:49:44 Souless: lol dammmmmmmmit
12/21/05 20:49:52 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: David- it will be brutal death metal...it comes out march 21st, 2006
12/21/05 20:49:56 BitterSweet: it worked for me
12/21/05 20:50:08 BitterSweet: im special though...lol
12/21/05 20:50:16 Irate_Nate: aye
12/21/05 20:50:17 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : DO YOU LIKE FLYING ???? DOTHE REST OF THE GUYS ??
12/21/05 20:50:26 necrophilia676: Alex, who would you say is your current favorite band?
12/21/05 20:50:30 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: OR ARE YOU LIKE ME - SCARED SHITLESS
12/21/05 20:50:33 David: alex how gory is it?
12/21/05 20:50:41 TomD666: Do you plan on adding some of the older, rarely played tunes to the setlist?
12/21/05 20:50:51 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- I like flying. I don't think Pat really likes to, but I don't mind.
12/21/05 20:51:03 TomD666: Like Rotting Head, Innards Decay, Raped By The Beast, and so on
12/21/05 20:51:16 born_in_a_coffin: alex wos your favorite bass player
12/21/05 20:51:18 TomD666: oh, and Necropedophile
12/21/05 20:51:19 TomD666: I love that tune
12/21/05 20:51:21 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: necro- I listen to Aeon's Bleeding The False constantly these days.
12/21/05 20:51:37 Souless: that album is great
12/21/05 20:51:39 lambknot: have u ever met the guys in dying fetus? would u tour with them?
12/21/05 20:51:40 necrophilia676: ausom il be sure to check that out
12/21/05 20:51:48 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: 9 minutes till I bail guys, let's get a few more good ones in!
12/21/05 20:51:53 David: Alex whos your favorite death metal band
12/21/05 20:52:09 born_in_a_coffin: alex do u have an msn kidding dude
12/21/05 20:52:12 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : WHICH AIRPORT GIVES C.C. THE MOST GRIEF .....AND HOW OFTEN ARE YOU GUYS ON A PLANE ?
12/21/05 20:52:13 IceNine: If you had to resurrect one person from history, who would it be and why?
12/21/05 20:52:15 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Lmab- DF is great, cool guys to. We might actually tour with them next year sometime.
12/21/05 20:52:20 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex what model ampeg cabinet do you use?
12/21/05 20:52:38 lambknot: cool man!
12/21/05 20:52:45 born_in_a_coffin: alex whats your all time favorite band
12/21/05 20:52:49 Irate_Nate: most fun tour youve been on?? worst tour?? as far as eperiences
12/21/05 20:52:50 necrophilia676: ALEX--if two albums combinde sounded the most like kill, which albums where they
12/21/05 20:52:53 Irate_Nate: experiences
12/21/05 20:53:14 TomD666: heh, I'd guess Wretched Spawn + Gore Obsessed with technicallity times a billion
12/21/05 20:53:14 David: alex who is it?
12/21/05 20:53:14 TomD666: lolz
12/21/05 20:53:25 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Rotting- Some immigration dick fucked with me pretty bad in Miami'a airport once, so that sucked. But JFK is the biggest clusterfuck in the USA, as far as organization goes...
12/21/05 20:53:38 lambknot: BACK IN THE DAY..WERE THERE GROUPIES? LOL
12/21/05 20:53:42 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Brandons- svt 8x10
12/21/05 20:53:48 Brandon_sCorpse: thank you
12/21/05 20:53:56 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: lambknot- not enough! lol
12/21/05 20:54:07 Souless: MD chicks own
12/21/05 20:54:10 Souless: DM
12/21/05 20:54:14 Face_Smasher: Hey Mutilated, is this chat being archived?
12/21/05 20:54:17 IceNine: Okay, which was better, the Spanish inquisition or Columbus' treatment of natives?
12/21/05 20:54:18 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : HAVE YOU GUYS EVER LOST GEAR AND HAD TO RENT ?? BORROW ??
12/21/05 20:54:19 TomD666: Also, was Cannibal Corpse going to be a thrash band in the early days? Because it certainly seemed like it with the demo and the first album, since with the right production it could almost be a Kreator like album
12/21/05 20:54:20 David: alex who is your fav DM band
12/21/05 20:54:48 born_in_a_coffin: alex what did you think of your first show ever
12/21/05 20:54:54 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Ice- both were pretty fucked, but I wasn't ther so I don't know for sure...
12/21/05 20:55:04 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: David- Maybe Morbid Angel
12/21/05 20:55:11 IceNine: Oh, here's a timely question: What do you think of those black metal guys with their makeup... and porcupines strapped to their arms???
12/21/05 20:55:11 TomD666: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition
12/21/05 20:55:13 David: they rock
12/21/05 20:55:26 TomD666: Hahaha, those crazy black metal bands
12/21/05 20:55:27 necrophilia676: ALEX-should we even bother to pray for live cannablism part 2?
12/21/05 20:55:33 necrophilia676: hey man dont mess with black metal...
12/21/05 20:55:35 necrophilia676: lol
12/21/05 20:55:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: born- it was cool. The first show I did before we made Cannibal was pretty fun, but the performance was a mess. We were drunk.
12/21/05 20:55:46 TomD666: I like black metal and all, but the image they give is laughable
12/21/05 20:55:50 David: alex do you ever think what would happen if chris barnes was still in cannibal corpse
12/21/05 20:55:56 born_in_a_coffin: lol
12/21/05 20:56:01 IceNine: Black metal guys couldn't get laid in prison!
12/21/05 20:56:10 Mutilated1: yes please more Live Cannibalism
12/21/05 20:56:13 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, is there any technique where you feel you have a lot to improve?
12/21/05 20:56:20 Irate_Nate: aye
12/21/05 20:56:23 necrophilia676: should we even keep hoping for the day when we see it?
12/21/05 20:56:27 born_in_a_coffin: alex-did u ever forget a note on stage and like just freeze and think a milisecond
12/21/05 20:56:32 necrophilia676: live cannablism part 2 or something of the sort?
12/21/05 20:56:32 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: icenine- black metal's cool, but I'd hate to have to wear all of that stuff on stage every night. Way to much work for me....
12/21/05 20:56:36 TomD666: Hm, Alex - would you agree with the fact that EBTL could be a thrash metal album with the right production or whatever>
12/21/05 20:56:37 TomD666: ?
12/21/05 20:56:52 David: alex do you
12/21/05 20:56:54 TomD666: ala Kreator
12/21/05 20:56:59 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: born- sure, it happens, but I just try to quickly recover and continue playing
12/21/05 20:57:32 Souless: well i would like to thank you for stoppin in man.u made my day and many others here....thx !!
12/21/05 20:57:33 born_in_a_coffin: alex whats the beef between c.c and cris barnes
12/21/05 20:57:43 Irate_Nate: Alex,was there ever a track that was released that you just weren't quite 100% satisfied with,also any tracks that have not ever been released to date??
12/21/05 20:57:46 David: yea please tell us
12/21/05 20:57:46 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: enders- I want to get my two finger technique faster, and I'd like to continue to refine my 3 technique, so that I could solo better.
12/21/05 20:57:55 Mutilated1: speaking of requesting Cannibal Corpse on the radio...
12/21/05 20:57:55 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: ALEX : GLAD ROBS BACK ...KILLER LINE UP
12/21/05 20:57:56 Mutilated1: http://tombofthemutilated.net/Cannibal-Corpse-Radio-Request.html
12/21/05 20:58:12 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Thanks Rotting!
12/21/05 20:58:28 IceNine: Hey, I have been a touring musician in the past and I wonder if you have ever had this happen to you... I was in front of about 10,000 people and tripped over a cable, falling on my face in front of the crowd... I tried to play it off like I was cool
12/21/05 20:58:36 Brandon_sCorpse: Alex who plays Jacks parts now...Rob or Jack?
12/21/05 20:58:45 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Hey guys, I'm going to wrap this up now. You guys are fucking killer, this has been awesome, and we'll have to do it again.
12/21/05 20:58:55 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: ice, I haven
12/21/05 20:58:56 Brandon_sCorpse: Thanks Alex
12/21/05 20:58:57 Ender�s_Corpse: Thank you Alex for this
12/21/05 20:58:57 David: alex do u ever think where cc would be if chris barnes was still there
12/21/05 20:58:58 lambknot: THANKX FOR EXISTING MAN!!!!!!! IM GLAD TO BE A PART OF THIS MADNESS!!!!
12/21/05 20:58:58 Irate_Nate: thanks so much for stopping by for us
12/21/05 20:59:00 IceNine: Lucky prick!
12/21/05 20:59:01 Yan: Bye Alex! Be sure to visit Israel sometime!
12/21/05 20:59:02 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: 't fallen...yet! LOL
12/21/05 20:59:02 born_in_a_coffin: YES WE AVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/21/05 20:59:04 Mutilated1: Thanks Alex you rule
12/21/05 20:59:08 Yan: Long live cannibal corpse!
12/21/05 20:59:09 Souless: thank you!
12/21/05 20:59:10 Irate_Nate: you guys are fuckin great
12/21/05 20:59:12 born_in_a_coffin: ALEX U ROCK
12/21/05 20:59:12 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: THANKS
12/21/05 20:59:13 TomD666: See ya Alex, dood
12/21/05 20:59:17 Mutilated1: \m/ CANNIBAL CORPSE \m/
12/21/05 20:59:18 born_in_a_coffin: ALEX IS GOD
12/21/05 20:59:18 David: alex u r the SHIT
12/21/05 20:59:18 TomD666: probably gonna see ya on tour, I hope :)
12/21/05 20:59:19 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: David-who knows...
12/21/05 20:59:19 Brandon_sCorpse: Bye Alex
12/21/05 20:59:24 IceNine: Later, Alex.
12/21/05 20:59:25 lambknot: PEACE OUT!!!
12/21/05 20:59:28 Face_Smasher: Bye, Alex!
12/21/05 20:59:30 Ender�s_Corpse: Alex, I have to say it is an honor having met you, I hope to see you again in the future
12/21/05 20:59:36 Face_Smasher: Yeah
12/21/05 20:59:37 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: NOW I CAN EAT!!!
12/21/05 20:59:40 Face_Smasher: That was cool of you
12/21/05 20:59:41 born_in_a_coffin: ALEX ISMY IDOL
12/21/05 20:59:44 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Thanks to all of you, and thanks to mutilated for putting this together! See you all on tour next year!!!!!
12/21/05 20:59:51 VILE666: HELL YEHA MAN
12/21/05 20:59:51 David: alex do more solos they couldn't get any better
12/21/05 20:59:53 Brandon_sCorpse: By for now
12/21/05 20:59:55 born_in_a_coffin: ALEX IS MY IDOL
12/21/05 20:59:55 Brandon_sCorpse: Bye*
12/21/05 20:59:58 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: Goodnight guys!
12/21/05 21:00:00 Irate_Nate: best wishes and hope you have a good Christmas Alex
12/21/05 21:00:01 Souless: l8z
12/21/05 21:00:02 Brandon_sCorpse: goodnight
12/21/05 21:00:02 necrophilia676: night man!!
12/21/05 21:00:02 Face_Smasher: Cya on tour!
12/21/05 21:00:03 VILE666: NICE TALKING TO YOU \m/(>.<)\m/
12/21/05 21:00:05 lambknot: LATER MAN!!!
12/21/05 21:00:05 Yan: goddnight dude
12/21/05 21:00:06 David: ill be there
12/21/05 21:00:10 Hammer_Smashed_Bass: happy holidays too!
12/21/05 21:00:10 born_in_a_coffin: HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALEX
12/21/05 21:00:10 VILE666: im gunna make sure to meet u!
12/21/05 21:00:12 Mutilated1: well I think that proves it - Cannibal Corpse is the best fucking band ever
12/21/05 21:00:14 Face_Smasher: I gotta let my sis on. BYE
12/21/05 21:00:15 David: u 2
12/21/05 21:00:15 Brandon_sCorpse: meery christmas
12/21/05 21:00:16 TomD666: haha
12/21/05 21:00:19 TomD666: no britney spears is
12/21/05 21:00:23 TomD666: britney spears is fucking metal
12/21/05 21:00:23 TomD666: lolz
12/21/05 21:00:24 Hammer_Smashed_Bass Logs Out
12/21/05 21:00:25 born_in_a_coffin: CANNIBAL CORPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING RULES
12/21/05 21:00:32 Face_Smasher: CC rocks.
12/21/05 21:00:33 VILE666: well that was awsome
12/21/05 21:00:36 Brandon_sCorpse: yes it was
12/21/05 21:00:36 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: HEY MUTILATED
12/21/05 21:00:37 Ender�s_Corpse: This was awsome, thanks Mutilaged
12/21/05 21:00:38 TomD666: wasn't it
12/21/05 21:00:39 necrophilia676: that really made my fucking day
12/21/05 21:00:40 TomD666: okay everyone log off lolz
12/21/05 21:00:40 Irate_Nate: a proud day to be a member of ToTM indeed :)
12/21/05 21:00:42 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: WE BEHAVED
12/21/05 21:00:43 Ender�s_Corpse: Mutilated, sorry
12/21/05 21:00:45 necrophilia676: and thanks alot to mutilated for setting this up!!
12/21/05 21:00:46 VILE666: MUTILATED1 your fucking awsome
12/21/05 21:00:48 Face_Smasher: Gotta let my sis on. See ya in a buit!
12/21/05 21:00:52 TomD666: Haha, cheers Mutilated
12/21/05 21:00:54 Brandon_sCorpse: thanks mutilated
12/21/05 21:00:58 VILE666: :cheers:
12/21/05 21:01:00 born_in_a_coffin: JOHN YOUR AWESOME
12/21/05 21:01:00 VILE666: damn
12/21/05 21:01:00 Face_Smasher: Mutilated, thanks
12/21/05 21:01:02 Yan: yeah dude. we owe it all 2 u :)
12/21/05 21:01:02 VILE666: dosnt work in here
12/21/05 21:01:10 Irate_Nate: yes thanks John,this was not possible without your creation bro
12/21/05 21:01:13 Mutilated1: That was so kewl
12/21/05 21:01:20 BitterSweet: ok how do we save teh chat???????
12/21/05 21:01:23 Yan: ill sign up for TOTM tomorrow i guess
12/21/05 21:01:23 Face_Smasher: And thanks excoriation for the idea!
12/21/05 21:01:23 born_in_a_coffin: thank u john
12/21/05 21:01:25 VILE666: i kno man, only happend cause of u
12/21/05 21:01:26 tronics: that went so fucking well its unbelievable
12/21/05 21:01:29 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: THANKS MUTILATED ---SEE NO PISS TALK
12/21/05 21:01:29 Yan: Jesus...3 godamn hours till school!
12/21/05 21:01:44 BitterSweet: lol thank you Rob im proud of you
12/21/05 21:01:50 VILE666: haha
12/21/05 21:01:52 Mutilated1: I guess that definitely settles it - Cannibal Corpse fucking rules
12/21/05 21:01:55 Irate_Nate: thanks for joining Yan,I'm still blown away by you being from Isreal,that is cool as shit dude
12/21/05 21:01:57 Face_Smasher: Thanks everybody!
12/21/05 21:01:57 VILE666: well no shit!
12/21/05 21:02:04 necrophilia676: definitely? that was seteled years ago man!
12/21/05 21:02:04 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: can i eat now
12/21/05 21:02:04 AGENT_ORANGE: wow
12/21/05 21:02:06 born_in_a_coffin: mutilated pm me dude
12/21/05 21:02:09 Face_Smasher: I really gotta let my sis on. BYE!!!
12/21/05 21:02:09 Rotting_Decrepit_Corpse: im famished
12/21/05 21:02:10 Brandon_sCorpse: well guys im out for the night..goona drink some beer
12/21/05 21:02:15 Brandon_sCorpse: goodnight guys
12/21/05 21:02:18 Irate_Nate: later Smasher
12/21/05 21:02:22 BitterSweet: bye everyone who is leavung
12/21/05 21:02:24 VILE666: if this thing was archived someone post it :)

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