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Cannibal Corpse Kill CD

Coming March 21, 2006 Cannibal Corpse present their 10th full length studio album. Simply titled "KILL", you might think that Cannibal Corpse were running out of ideas. One listen to this album and you see that while the Cannibals stay true to their tried and true formula that has made them the undisputed kings of death metal, they have managed to break new ground and believe it or not turn the intensity up yet another notch. Amazingly there seems to be no end to how extreme these guys can get.

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KILL - Track by Track

  • The Time To Kill Is Now
  • Starting with a trademark Corpsegrinder scream like Vile's (1996) "Devoured By Vermin", the album starts off fast and frantic. Barely slowing down for some of the sickest repeating harmonic riffs heard since "Unleashing The Blood Thirsty", Cannibal Corpse opens KILL, with a furious scream along chorus - "The Time To Kill Is Now". Going to go out on a limb here and bet that when Cannibal Corpse plays live this spring, they're going to be opening with this track - its that good. ( "The Time To Kill Is Now" Lyrics).

  • Make Them Suffer
  • The first song on KILL by Paul and Pat, "Make Them Suffer" features one of the best breakdowns on the album. The tempo change and breakdown riffs leading into the chorus really get you ready for making someone suffer, and Corpsegrinder's vocal talents are showcased - do you know anyone else who can sing words like "Entirely demoralized and close to Mass Extinction" and make it fit with a rhythm thats destroying your brain with total intensity ? ( "Make Them Suffer" Lyrics).

  • Murder Worship
  • Necrosadistic Warning
  • A complicated rhythm that you'd expect from Cannibal Corpse. A little bit inaccessable at first with the unusual vocal patterns in the bridge, but the song is heavy and sure to inspire much headbanging. One of the heaviest opening riffs ever heard on a Cannibal Corpse album.

  • Five Nails Through The Neck
  • My personal favorite on the album, "Five Nails Through The Neck" has it all. Speed, Complexity, and extreme violence. The harmonic guitar squeals at the end give the song a "playing live" feel, and Paul and Alex drive those nails through your neck with a sledgehammer. Its hard to imagine a song by any band being heavier than this.

  • Purification By Fire
  • Death Walking Terror
  • Barbaric Bludgeonings
  • The Discipline Of Revenge
  • Bass solo lover's rejoice - Alex's intro bass passage is quickly joined by the agressive riffing of Pat and Rob. One of the more straight forward songs of the album, it also features one of Cannibal Corpse's most memorable solos yet. Fast, Fierce, and surprisingly melodic - if its possible to play melodically while being pummeled by a characteristic Cannibal Corpse rhythmn.

  • Brain Removal Device
  • Submerged In Boiling Flesh
  • Maniacal
  • Infinite Misery (instrumental)
  • The much awaited instrumental track by Pat O'Brien. Starts out slowly and of course immediately makes you think of "From Skin To Liquid", but the tempo is where the similarity ends. A short heavy riff that Pat repeats and embelishes grows more complex and brutal each time the motiff is reintroduced. By the half way point in the song when his leads start in full feedbacking fury, the rhythm has gotten completely sick! A perfect backdrop to showcase his shredding which ends in a whammy bar torture session that makes baby Jesus cry.

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