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Having a hard time finding polyphonic ringtones for your favorite band "Cannibal Corpse" ? Look no further because we have the Cannibal Corpse ringtones you've been looking for. Other sites promise you ringtones, but we actually have them for you to download!

Be sure to visit our forum and you can request any Cannibal Corpse ringtones that you'd like and we will make them for you as soon as possible.

Download These Polyphonic Ringtones Now!

Coming Soon! Hammer Smashed Face Polyphonic Ringtone "Hammer Smashed Face" from Cannibal Corpse's "Tomb Of The Mutilated"
Coming Soon! A Skull Full Of Maggots Polyphonic Ringtone "A Skull Full Of Maggots" from Cannibal Corpse's "Eaten Back To Life"
Pounded Into Dust Polyphonic Ringtone Coming Soon! "Pounded Into Dust" from Cannibal Corpse's "Bloodthirst"
Devoured By Vermin Polyphonic Ringtone Coming Soon! "Devoured By Vermin" from Cannibal Corpse's "Vile"
Hatchet To The Head Polyphonic Ringtone Coming Soon! "Hatchet To The Head" from Cannibal Corpse's "Gore Obsessed"
I Will Kill You Polyphonic Ringtone Coming Soon! "I Will Kill You" from Cannibal Corpse's "Gallery Of Suicide"

What 's the SMAF format? It's for which mobile phone?

SMAF is the data format specification designed by YAMAHA, which has a main purpose to define the data expression of the multimedia contents for mobile device (mainly used in cellular phone). The basic portion of SMAF specification is designed to play the sound data conveyed by YAMAHA LSI sound chip. It is now mainly used as an the ringing alert melody of a cellular phone.
SMAF also supports an extended feature which can define display sequences of texts and graphics. SMAF can synchronize the sound sequence with pictures and texts easily. With this feature, it is now used as data expression of the multimedia contents including Karaoke. Moreover, since SMAF has a very flexible structure like a container, SMAF has a specification which can be expanded for future use.

SMAF-supported mobile phones
J-K51, J-N05, J-P51, J-SA51, J-SH08, J-SH09, J-SH51, J-SH52, J-T51, J-D03, J-D04, J-D05, J-D06, J-D31, J-DN03, J-K04, J-K05, J-N03, J-N03II, J-N04, J-NM01, J-NM02, J-PE03, J-PE03II, J-SA03, J-SA04, J-SH04, J-SH05, J-SH06, J-SH07, J-T05, J-T06, J-T07, J-K03
A1012K, A3013K, A1014ST, A3012CA, A3015SA, A5301T, A3014S, A1011ST
C404S, C406S, C407H, C413S, C414K, C414K��, C451H, C452CA, C1002S, C3001H, C3003P, C302H, C307K, C309H, C313K
TK21, TT21, TD11, TK12, TP11, TS11, TT03, TT11, TK03, TK04, TK05, TK11

Samsung: T100, T108, T208, S100,S105, N600, N620,N625,N628, A800, A809, X199, V200, V205
Siemens 8008
TCL 2188,3188,3288,3388,3688
Toplux VG100,CG100, VG200
Kyocera-Zhenhua KZ610
DBTEL 2017
Eastcom EG760
TCC Q285
LG W3000, 8080
BenQ M560G,S830C
Compal XG5D
Amoisonic A8, A6,A8698,A80
NEC DB7000
Bird V08, GC600, GC200
ZTE 806, G218
Legend G608, G808, i188
Eastcom EG860, EG890
Sotec SC9988, Hi700, Hi710, Hi718
OKWAP i66, i108, 166 and more...
Sewon SG2200
Sharp GX10, GXi98

What's the SP MIDI? It's for which mobile phone?

SP MIDI - Scalable Polyphony MIDI was standardized to be a solution for 3rd Generation mobile applications.

Nokia SP- MIDI models

3530/ 3510i(GSM) 7210(GSM) 6610(GSM) 7650(GSM) 3590(GSM/ US) 3585(CDMA 1x) 6650 (WCDMA/GSM )
3650(GSM) 3510 and more...

Global SP- MIDI models

Sony Ericsson T300 P800
Danger HipTop (PDA) and more...

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