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History: Fiction or Science? (Chronology, No. 1)
by: Anatoly Fomenko
publisher: Mithec, released: March, 2004
price: $23.07 (new), $9.17 (used)

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by: Iron Maiden
publisher: HAL LEONARD CORPORATION, released: 07 February, 2007
price: $13.57 (new)

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Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore
by: Albert Mudrian, John Peel
publisher: Feral House, released: October, 2004
price: $13.57 (new), $8.56 (used)

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Metal: The Definitive Guide: Heavy * Thrash * Death * Black * Gothic * Doom * Power * Progressive
by: Garry Sharpe-Young
publisher: Jawbone Press, released: 28 March, 2007
price: $18.45 (new), $18.31 (used)

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The Gospel of Filth: A Black Metal Bible
by: Gavin Baddeley, Dani Filth
publisher: FAB Press, released: June, 2006
price: $19.77 (new)

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Rockdetector: A-Z of Death Metal (Rockdetector)
by: Garry Sharpe-Young
publisher: Cherry Red, released: 05 April, 2004
price: $26.95 (new), $19.62 (used)

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Death Metal Music: The Passion and Politics of a Subculture
by: Natalie J. Purcell
publisher: McFarland & Company, released: 05 May, 2003
price: $36.50 (new), $42.66 (used)

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Death Metal
by: Tony Bush
publisher: PublishAmerica, released: 30 August, 2004
price: $14.95 (new), $15.49 (used)

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Death, Art, and Memory in Medieval England: The Cobham Family and Their Monuments, 1300-1500
by: Nigel Saul
publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, released: 14 May, 2001
price: $118.00 (new), $82.96 (used)

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Epidemiologic Risk Factors for Suicide and Attempted Suicide in the U.S.Air Force: Using Administrative Data Systems and Multiple Cause of Death Information to Improve Prevention Policy
publisher: Storming Media, released: 2000
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