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Death Metal Review

Decrepit Birth

...And Time Begins

...And Time Begins
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Track Listing

  • Prelude To The Apocalypse
  • Condemned To Nothingness
  • Thought Beyond Infinity
  • The Infestation
  • Rebirth Of Consciousness
  • Shroud Of Impurity
  • Concepting The Era
  • Of Genocide
  • ...And Time Begins

Here is one sick album, you simply do not want to miss. Decrepit Birth's 2003 release "...And Time Begins" Is one really sick piece of technical death metal. Some say death metal peaked in the 90s, but don't tell Decrepit Birth. They follow in the paths forged by the best of the 90s death metal pioneers, but manage to turn the intensity level up several notches and establish their rightful place amoung the greats that went before them. So just when you start thinking "So they sound like Suffocation, huh ?" put on "...And Time Begins", and prepare to be blown away.

The palm-mutted riffing is unbelievable fast, and there is no shortage of blast beats here. Bassist Derek Boyer is astounding, managing to keep the bass interesting amoung the devastating drumming of Tim Yeung. Make no mistake about it, this album is a mainline shot of adrenaline and ounce of freebase cocaine rolled into one. Real grit your teeth and grab your gun type music.

And the vocals are great too. Sure they are done in the classic "cookie monster" style, but if you don't like that go listen to Michael Bolton or something you fag. These are some of the sickest, deep, disturbing growls you've ever heard.

Although I didn't get this album right away when it came out, this is definitely one of the best new Death Metal to have come out recently. I highly recommend it.

Songs: 9
Art: 9
Production: 10
Overall: 9.5 highly recommended

Decrepit Birth Logo

...well shit, it's the most crushing thing i've ever heard...

...they are fucking fantastic. Brutal as fuck, and really big sounding production....

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