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Devoured By Vermin Video

This is the video for Cannibal Corpse's "Devoured By Vermin". Devoured By Vermin is the first song on their album "Vile" ( Lyrics ) and the scream Corpsegrinder does at the beginning of the song was the first brutal vocals George did with the band. You can get this video on the "Live Cannibalism" and "Monolith Of Death" DVDs. Guitarist Jack Owen plays the first ripping solo you hear, and second guitarist Rob Barret's wild pentatonic riffs make up the second solo. Barrett is credited along with Alex webster for this Cannibal Corpse favorite while Alex wrote the lyrics.

Buy "Vile" By Cannibal Corpse

publisher: Metal Blade, released: 21 May, 1996
price: $16.98 (new), $7.99 (used)

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