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The Forum Interviews Paul of Cannibal Corpse

During the Summer 2003, the members of this forum were given the chance to ask questions and interview the drummer and founding member, 'Paul Mazurkiewicz' of the legendary Cannibal Corpse. Here are the answers Paul gave to ten of our favorite questions. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Paul, you rock!

adam asks, "Who are you'r idols in drumming, or who's drumming do you respect the most?"

My idols in drumming are Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Neil Peart of Rush. There are others that definitely influenced me heavily like Gene Hoglan when he was in Dark Angel, Lars Ulrich from the early Metallica days, Felix from D.R.I. just to name a few. But when it comes down to idols, it's Neil Peart and Dave Lombardo!

CarveAndTwist asks, "What kind of direction are you guys headed in musically and what will your next album sound like?"

The next cd will be brutal Cannibal Corpse death metal. That's all I can really say. It will be the next chapter in the book of corpse!

BloodyChunks asks, "What do you like doing in your free time that we wouldn't expect??

I play ice hockey.

GoreObsessed asks, "Back in 1989, what bands were you listening and why did you choose to play this kind of music (it was the beginning of Death Metal...)?

Back in '89 I was listening to anything that was brutal! Or at least what I thought was brutal. Just listening to the stuff I liked from say '86 on. Slayer, Kreator, Dark Angel, The Accused, D.R.I., Death, Sadus, Possessed... bands like that.

Mutilated1 asks, "How did the name 'Cannibal Corpse' come about ?"

Well we needed a name because we were going to play our first show opening for Dark Angel. So we brainstormed a little to no avail. Then one day Alex came to practice and said how about "Cannibal Corpse" ?.... The rest is history.

wardepartment asks, "Other than CC music (of course),.... are there any other styles of music you enjoy playing?"

Well I love old 70's rock so I like to play some laid back grooving rock and roll... Jack and I have a side project called "Path Of Man" and we are pretty much a mix between rock and metal...

Tadgemuncha asks, "Who are you most influenced by (I think Adam already asked this question so sorry for the repetition) and which DM bands do you dig most? Also, which bands have you enjoyed touring the most with?"

Well for me personally I'm the most influenced by Slayer. Reign In Blood changed my life so to speak. The death metal bands I dig the most are Deicide and Immolation. The bands I have enjoyed touring with the most is hard to say. We have toured with a lot of bands and there has been a lot of fun tours. Immolation would be one because they are a lot like us as people. Same kind of humor and that sort of thing...

BloodyChunks asks, "What CC album has your favorite drumming on it??"

That's a hard question also. I like "Eaten Back To Life" because of how raw it is. "Tomb of the Mutilated" is great beacuse of how ferocious the playing was on it. I love eveything after "The Bleeding" because I feel that's when I started getting into my zone and refining my style... it's a tough question...

Tadgemuncha asks, "Where does the inspiration for your lyrics come from? "

The lyrical inspiration just comes from my imagination. Plain and simple...

dom_r asks, "I noticed that through the years,Cannibal Corpse's song writing have become more complex and intricate in composition.Will Cannibal Corpse continue in this vein to compose songs that become more and more complex as the years go by in the future?Can you possibily predict how a Cannibal Corpse song may sound like 5 or 10 years from now? "

It's impossible to say what a Cannibal song would sound like in say 5 to 10 years. I do know that it will be what we think is heavy and brutal and Cannibal Corpse style death metal!! We are just constantly trying to do better than the last release and just trying to write good songs. Some are more technical than others, but it's always Cannibal Corpse. We just hope everybody loves the songs as much as we do!

Monolith Of Cannibal Corpse

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