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Jack Owen

Jack Owen

Guitarist, lyricist, songwriter (1988-2004)

One of the original members of Cannibal Corpse, Jack Owen�s axe mastery often leaves many in awe. Though no longer in Cannibal Corpse, Jack left a testimony of torment in the 15 � years he was in Cannibal Corpse. Often labeled as the practical writer of Cannibal Corpse�s material, Jack is credited with songs such as �Gallery of Suicide,� �The Spine Splitter,� �Dormant Bodies Bursting,� and �Decency Defied.� A classical guitarist at heart, it showed in his music, which while lacking in technicality was original in its own right.

Jack was originally in Beyond Death with Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster in 1987 and joined up with the three other original members of Cannibal Corpse (Chris Barnes, Paul Mazurkiewicz, and Bob Rusay) through their band, Tirant Sin. Jack is rumored to have done both guitar parts in early recording sessions to cover for former guitarist Bob Rusay�s incompetence, but this, as far as we know, is a rumor. Jack left in 2004, shortly after the Tour of the Wretched to join Adrift alongside drummer Kevin Astl.
Jack the returned to Death Metal for a tour and subsequent recording with Deicide where he is now apparently a permanent member.
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