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Malevolent Creation

Death Metal Reviews

by: Chulo


Retribution - Malevolent CreationMalevolent Creation
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 Malevolent Creation has been one of the heaviest, most brutal death metal bands on the planet and when you listen to this album, you will agree, seriously. All I can say is have a custom-made body suite and helmet on, have only a sterio and go to an opened field or wasteland for that matter where there's nothng around because all hell is going to break loose. I mean what you will hear is true, angry, scary, intense, extreme, devestating, annihilating, apocalyptic, pulverizing, hellbent, heavy, brutal death metal at it's inhumane best. Another thing that makes this album amazing is that it contains feats and passages that have never been touched by any other death metal band since this album was released in the early 90's. So this is an album ahead of it's time and a classic one indeed. So get it and prepare to be crushed. Those are serious words of warning. So take them literally.

Choice cuts: Eve Of The Apocylypse, Systematic Execution, Slaughter Of Innocence, Corronation Of Our Domain and Mindlock.

This album was rated Number 48 out of the 100 Top Death Metal Albums Of All Time.

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments - Malevolent Creation Malevolent Creation
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 This one of the best classic death metal albums of the early 90's and a classic one it is indeed. One word that best discribes this album is scary and when you listen to it, your skin will freeze but at the same time, all of the heaviness, power, intensity, angry and brutality is not far behind. They just give a lot more dimention making the whole sound and atmostphere of the album more intimitating. So this isn't an album for the weak of heart. All of the elements of make the band an unstoppable force are all here but with Retribution and later albums like Eternal and In Cold Blood, they all come to the ultimate. This album however is the first brick on the band's empire and it leaves a lasting mark. So get it and get scared to death.

Choice cuts: Memorial Arrangements, Premature Burial, Multiple Stab Wounds, Thou Shell Kill and Sacricial Annihilation.

This album was rated Number 63 out of the 100 Top Death Metal Albums Of All Time.


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 This album is one of the best albums by Malevolent Creation and it's a real heavy one. You can call this album sort of expertimental but not to worry. The band HAS NOT gone mainstream or changed their style. All of the basic elements are here. It's just that there are things on this album that the band has never done before. Take for example, Kill Zone. The song's opening riff sounds almost black metal (like Murduk for example) and than it slowly gets heavier, than it's really heavy and than back to that black metal riff again closing the song out. Besides that example, there are also other special suprises on the album. So that's what I really meant by experimental. So pick up this album and get envenomed.

There's also another important thing that must be brought up. There are 2 different versions of this album out now. The first version has only the tracklisting from Homicidal Rant to Envenomed. That is the original version. The second version has all those track but it also features 3 bonus tracks. 2 killer re-recorded songs that appeared on 2 of the bands early demos as well as a cover of Perish In Flames by legenday thrash metal band Dark Angel (a band that features Gene Hoglan on drums). The cover is amazing.

Coice cuts: Homicidal Rant, Night Of The Long Knives, Kill Zone, Helved, Serial Dementia, Pursuit Revised and Envenomed.

Extra for those with the second version of the album with bonus tracks: Perish In Flames and Epileptic Seizer.

This album was rated Number 52 out of the 100 Top Death Metal Albums Of All Time.


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