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LinkInfectingTheCrypts.NET - SUFFOCATION Fan Site And Forum

LinkGoremetal.net - Six Feet Under, Aborted, etc.. gore-metal discussion forum

LinkFuneral Portrait "Opeth" Fan Forums
The Best Opeth Fan Forums

Link"Far Beyond Vulgar" - Panter Fan Forums
Far Beyond Vulgar - Pantera Forum

LinkAllThingsMetal.net, your one stop shop for all things metal!!
All Things Metal

LinkThe Ozzy Asylum, unofficial Ozzy fansite has everything about Ozzy and Sabbath
The Ozzy Asylum

Link http://www.cannibalcorpse.org Cannibal Corpse's official message board.
Cannibal Corpse Official Messageboard

Link http://www.musicziner.com/ MusicZiner Free music downloads search engine. Search for free music downloads by your favorite artists and submit new tracks of your own!

Link http://www.gore-obsessed.com/ Gore-Obsessed.com is an online Metal Zine featuring metal reivews and interviews.

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