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Naglfar's SHEOL

Naglfar - SHEOL

Death Metal Review

by: tomatoefunk

I had read a pretty good review on this album in a pit magazine a while back, but have been very reluctant to purchase a copy. I saw it a pretty good price & thought I would try for something new that I haven't heard before. I must say, although I wasn't looking for an actual black metal title when I got it, I was highly impressed with my new buy.

Naglfar's ( website ) latest release SHEOL (2003) is a very hard driving, technically sound albumI was hooked as soon as I played it the first time through. I like alot of black metal being released, but some of it tends to be a little repeatative a few songs into the album. Not the case here. The vocals are high pitched, but not to the point of brain shattering discontent, (not that it's a bad thing all the time), this record was put together really well I thought.

As far as the musical aspect. The rest of the band really put together a great combination of change up's, hard driving riffts are mixed with killer solo's & a certain evil like melody that makes for a different sound through out the entire album. All around awsome production work. The band really hits it off in such a way that even if your not a fan of the black metal / high pitch vocal bands, you still have to stop & take a minute to hear how hard it drives.

If you are into black metal I highly suggest this album. You're in for a dark treat.

Track Listings
1. I Am Vengeance
2. Black God Aftermath
3. Wrath Of The Fallen
4. Abysmal Descent
5. Devoured By Naglfar
6. Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft
7. Unleash Hell
8. Force Of Pandemonium
9. The Infernal Ceremony

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