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Paul Mazurkiewicz Talks About Butchered At Birth

Paul Mazurkiewicz
Butchered At Birth
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  1. Meat Hook Sodomy
  2. Gutted
  3. Living Dissection
  4. Under The Rotted Flesh
  5. Covered With Sores
  6. Vomit The Soul
  7. Butchered At Birth
  8. Rancid Amputation
  9. Innards Decay
  10. Covered With Sores (Live - Bonus Track)

We started writing material for our next release pretty much right after we recorded "Eaten Back To Life". With the exception of a few shows here and there it was months of us trying to be the most brutal band on earth. We just practiced our asses off and composed songs which I felt were full of aggression and completely unrelenting. A raw collection of pure death metal! Of course we needed names for these compositions of death and one came to me while driving to band rehearsal. Butchered At Birth. I thought it was an awesome phrase and definitely a song title that had a ring to it. As it turned out we used it for the title of the cd. So we packed our bags and made our way to sunny Tampa, Florida to record at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns at the helm once again. We had a killer time recording there and we couldn't wait to be back. We did our thing and Butchered was born. Added with the sick artwork of Vincent Locke, "Butchered At Birth" has become our most notorious release to date. Not for the weak of heart!!

     -Paul Mazurkiewicz, 2002

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