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You asked the questions, and Cannibal Corpse answered them.  Here are Cannibal Corpse's answers to the questions you asked in Feburary and March of 2005.  Thank you Cannibal Corpse for answering our questions and thank you vidix for making this possible.


George's answers:

Question: When you first joined Cannibal Corpse, what was your initial reaction? That is, were you surprised, thankful, or just sorta there?

George: "I hung up the phone and let out a scream and my mother asked what was the matter. I told her nothing I just got a call and was asked to sing for Cannibal. I didn't know I was officially a member of Cannibal until Vile was done. I was shocked, happy, surprised everything all at once."

Question: Are there any vocal or other exercises you go through before performing/practicing?

George: Not really. I save my voice. I drink room temperature water. I don't drink any alcohol until after the show.

Question: Though this is hard to imagine, do you ever headbang TOO hard? I mean, in clips and shows I've seen, you're headbanging the hell outta that head of yours. Does it sometimes make you dizzy, nauseous, or otherwise uncomfortable?

George: Yes. Couple of times I have to say to Paul that hurts. I have some neck problems, and it definitely does hurt.

Question: Where do you think you would be if Cannibal Corpse didn't hit it off (god forbid)?

George: Hard to say. I could still be in Monstrosity, I could be in Baltimore drilling wells.

Question: Are you guys avid weight-lifters/exercisers?

George: I wouldn't say "avid". I lift weights. I don't take any weight building products.

Question: What prompted the move to Florida, and were there other locations you had considered before moving the band there?

George: Joining Cannibal Corpse

Question: Would you ever consider having guest artists on your albums again? If so, who would you 'borrow?' If not, why (I ask this if only because there's lots of bands nowadays whose entire livelihood is hooking up with other artists and recording with them)?

George: Consider, yes. Depends on who it is or who approached us. Hard to say because I would have to think about it but I wouldn't say never.

Paul Mazurkiewicz

Paul's answers:

Paul: Have no clue.

Question: Since it's not in the liner notes of Vile, I've wondered for some time...who wrote 'Relentless Beating?

*Paul is going to discuss this one with Alex, there is just a question he has...I'll get back to you on this.

Question: Are you guys avid weight-lifters/exercisers?

Paul: No. I play Ice Hockey twice a week.

Question: Can we expect a concept album in the future? I mean a whole story about one killer or one huge killing experiment, in a one short story sort of deal ?

Paul: No, probably not.

Question: Back during the earlier albums, did you guys play more cover songs with your sets, or was it strictly Cannibal Corpse? If so, what covers did you play?

*Have to get back to you on this..there's a question.

Question: Is there going to be another Live Cannibalism, or another live album?

Paul: Don't know, but if there was you would know and it would get posted on the site. We haven't decided everything about the future.

Question: Will they ever record a duet with Chris and George singing together like Anthrax did with Joey Belladonna and John Bush?

I know that they probably never will but it may get an interesting answer.


Question: Are any specific song banned in any state? Same for Canada.

Paul: Don't know about banned, but when we were on tour in Canada last year we were told we could not play Stripped, Raped, and Strangled and Fucked with a Knife in Toronto.

Question: Would you guys ever tour with someone like Iron Maiden or Nevermore?

Paul: Sure, why not.

Question: ...to Paul, has flo mournier influenced your style at all? He's off the hook.

Paul: As for an influence, No. Dave Lombardo is my main influence.

Question: What is the craziest thing that has happened at a show?

Paul: Honestly, can't think of anything.

Question: Is there a favorite venue/city that they prefer to play at?

Paul: Chicago, House of Blues

Question: What city/location would they like to play at that the band hasn't before?

Paul: Can't think of any that we haven't played.

Question: Anybody know if the songs are based on the bands dreams or personal visions? I would like to know where all their music is based off of.

Paul: Not based on either dreams or visions. They are just stories in my head. The music just comes to us as we write it.

Question: My question is for anyone in the band. I have a dilemma. I'm a 23 year old guitarist of 7 years and I love to blend thrash and death metal together. My dilemma is that I have a woman and a kid and I've always wanted to tour in a band. Do you know of any other musicians in the scene that actually bring family with them on tours and is it possible to do with an income equivalent of a band like Cannibal Corpse? I want to deliver the metal but I don't like the idea of being away from my family for lengthy periods of time.

PS. regardless, I will always write music and record albums. Your inputs/opinions will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Paul: Anything is possible. Obviously a band like Aerosmith who makes millions of dollars can do whatever they want. When you are a band like Cannibal Corpse you have to compromise a little. Depending on your bandmates I suppose you could take along family if that worked for your band. Each one of us miss our family, girlfriends, wives and kids..it is a compromise. At the same time we (Deana and I) run a business, and without her there doing that it wouldn't survive. Being apart is the hard part but the time spent home in between for sometimes long lengths not having to do anything else is worth it.

Question: There have been quite a few lineup changes with Cannibal Corpse, and you two are the only two original members. were there times where you just weren't "feeling it" with the band? were there times when there almost was no Cannibal Corpse?

Paul: No

Question: Did you guys ever have a big fight about something as a band?

Paul: Yes

Question: What kind of music do you guys listen to other than metal ?

Paul: Classic Rock, Metal..all kinds of music.This is my answer, I am not answering for the band.

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