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Death Metal Review

Death - Human

Death - Human
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Original Release Date: November 5, 1991
Label: Relativity

  • Flattening of Emotions
  • Suicide Machine
  • Together as One
  • Secret Face
  • Lack of Comprehension
  • See Through Dreams
  • Cosmic Sea
  • Vacant Planets

Chuck steps up and recrutes a rhythm section from hell. This is what propels DEATH into the next realm, and into the Cosmic Sea...

I still remember the first time I heard this CD I was about 14: "Holy shit... Theres music thats even more heavy and awesome than Slayer! How the fuck can a person drum like that!?" Was the first thing that came into my mind.

Sean Reinert and Steve Digiorgio made this album stand out, and set a standard for all other Death albums to come. Reinert is dripping with Jazz influenced assaults, and really showcase the importance of diverse drumming in what can become a stale genre... He's exploding from the first track "Flattening Of Emotions," with thundering kicks, unique cymbal flares, limb independance only the theory-taugh know, and in complete control of all the chaos. Just amazing to hear this drumming accompanied by Chucks killer riffs and vocals. Chuck knew how good his music could really be, and made the best choice by selecting Reinert.

Digiorgio's fretless bass is such a distinct sound: Like a huge dark presence, a morphing and sliding acid trip, or like a alien flower that slithers, opening and budding into all directions... Heavy and imposing yet so florid and delicate. "Secret Face", "Cosmic Sea" and "Lack Of Comprehension" are great examples of this masterful bass-work.

Chucks lyrics have always had a thoughtful and indisputable theme to them, which I love. Pure truth in every one of the words he writes. This album was the cornerstone in the new direction he took with his lyrics. "Spiritual Healing" touched on it as well, but "Human's" theme of dreams, and the authenticity of the human spirit and people is what Chuck focused on from now on. There is nothing more awesome than reading this mans words.

Chucks riffs and leads are savant, ripping and make one want to just plain freak out! The best example on the record of this is "Vacant Planets." Pure fucking DEATH THRASH in its greatest form: CHUCK SHULDINER.

-Vaginal Blood Fart, 04/07/05

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