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Cannibal Corpse Biography of Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett

Guitarist, lyricist, songwriter (1994-1997)

One of death metal�s most celebrated guitarists, Rob Barrett explodes with furious riffs and powerful solos. Rob is responsible for helping create several Cannibal Corpse songs, to include �She Was Asking for It,� �Devoured by Vermin,� �Stripped Raped and Strangled,� and �Absolute Hatred.� A shred-head and a technical guitarist, Rob joined shortly after recording �Tomb of the Mutilated,� joined for the subsequent tours and played with the band through 1996�s �Monolith of Death� tour. Rob had recently finished recording Malevolent Creation�s �Retribution� when he decided to join Cannibal Corpse for the long haul.

Rob left the band after the tour and returned to Malevolent Creation, where he stayed untill 2005 when he returned to Cannibal Corpse to replace Jack Owen.

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