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Cannibal Corpse "Sentenced To Burn" Video

Sentenced To Burn was Cannibal Corpse's only video from 1998's "Gallery Of Suicide" ( Review ). The video features some great headbanging shots of the band in action. The scenes are quite violent, with several fans executed in an electric chair, and bodies doused with gasoline, just the kind of thing you'd expect from our favorite band. The video exists in a cut and uncut version, and I believe that the version that you see in the video player below is the cut version, but I'm really not sure which is which. They are both pretty violent. Jack plays a great solo in this video and there is some close up camera work on his tapping technique, that should silence the critics who dismiss their music as mindless noise. They demonstrate that they can really play, as well as be brutal.

Here are several Pictures from "Sentenced To Burn".

Buy Cannibal Corpse's "Gallery Of Suicide"

Gallery of Suicide
publisher: Metal Blade, released: 21 April, 1998
price: $16.98 (new), $8.99 (used)
Gallery of Suicide (Clean Version)
publisher: Metal Blade, released: 21 April, 1998
price: $16.98 (new), $5.96 (used)

Pictures From The Video

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