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Slayer - "Still Reigning" DVD

Death Metal Review

Still Reigning DVD - Slayer

Allright, I know the last time that I started to review this DVD, I ended up buying and reviewing The Wretched Spawn / Worm Infested Limited Edition instead, but before you start messaging me that I screwed up Slayer is not death metal, let me assure you that this DVD is highly worthwhile anyway. This is the original Reign In Blood era Slayer lineup playing what is probably the greatest thrash album ever recorded completely live. Kick Ass ? Hell Yes.

Original drummer Dave Lombardo returns to Slayer for this live performance and shows just exactly why he is regarded as the master of thrash drumming, influencing nearly every thrash and death metal drummer since including Paul of Cannibal Corpse. Right from the very first few seconds of "Angel Of Death", its obvious. Hold on this is gonna be intense! And intense it is, its hard to imagine any thrash album that was ever as relentlessly aggressive as Reign In Blood, and live Slayer is in their true element.

The Reign In Blood segments clock in at under half an hour, but its not like you are going to feel shorted. By the time the Blood falls down on the band during the finale "Raining Blood" you need a chance to catch your breath. There is plenty of bonus material on the DVD as well, but I think you will be content to watch Slayer rip through their entire Reign In Blood masterpiece a few thousand times before you'll feel the need to see something else. This is one of those rare performances that you just don't get bored from watching again and again.

One other thing that really stands out about this DVD is that the cinematography is absolutely excellent, probably the best production job ever done on a live metal performance. There must have been a hundred cameras used to record this performance because every time Dave breaks down another insane rhythm, Kerry and Jeff trade solos, or Tom goes for one of his trademark screams there is a camera right there to catch the action. Thats probably another reason that this video has such staying entertainment value, there is so much going on between the music, the wild camera shots, and the crowd, ( not to mention the hundreds of gallons of theatrial blood pouring down ) that it is difficult to truly appreciate this DVD in entirety in less than 20-30 viewings. You're going to watch it again and again.

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