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Zero The Hero

Fucked With A Knife

I Will Kill You

Worm Infested

I Cum Blood

Raped By The Beast

Gallery Of Suicide



The Bleeding

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We Need Your Reviews

The Tomb Of The Mutilated Unofficial Cannibal Corpse Fansite and Forums is always accepting reviews of interesting Death Metal CDs and/or DVDs. Outstanding work on reviews can lead to fabulous awards, fame and glory, and possibly a position on our editorial staff!

Currently We Urgently Need Reviews Of The Remaining Cannibal Corpse Albums We Have Not Yet Reviewed, as well as reviews of the Top 100 Death Metal Albums of all time.

Editorial Guidelines

All reviews must be your own writing, and must use correct grammar and spelling. Please don't submit someone else's work as your own. We will gladly give you credit for your review, but we reserve the right to edit the content of all submissions as needed.

In general, all reviews should be a minimum of five to six paragraphs, and at a maximum a page or two. You may write your reviews with a wordprocessor on your own computer, or if you like you can make use of our Review Workshop where you can share and colaborate with other reviewers in preparing your submission.

Reviews should include a rating, a playlist, and a picture of the album cover. You may also include any other pictures of the band or fan art that you feel helps you to tell your story of why you like or dislike the material.

Before You Begin

Before you begin work on your review, please check with a member of our moderating staff to see if the work has already been reviewed, or if the subject of your review is appropriate. We don't want you to waste time reviewing an album that we have already covered or material that we cannot accept. Generally we are interested in Death Metal only, but we may accept some Black Metal on occasion. Please don't submit reviews for rock, pop, punk, or power-metal albums.

Submitting Material For Review

When you are ready to submit your review, you can either post it in the Review Workshop, or e-mail it along with any pictures to mutilated1@tombofthemutilated.net

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