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The Wretched Spawn / Worm Infested Limited Edition

Review by Mutilated1
Made a little trip to Best Buy today, looking for Slayer's new Still Reigning DVD. Fortunately for me they didn't have it, so I decided to go to this store "Coconuts" near where I work. I almost didn't go, because the last several times I went there I was pretty disappointed in thier sparse death metal selection.

Looked around at Coconuts for a little while, and of course they didn't have the Slayer DVD either. I had started to leave, and had just about made up my mind not to come back to that store anymore when for some reason I decided to see what Cannibal Corpse they had in stock, and move all the Cinderalla and Cradle Of Filth out from in front of it.

When I got to the 'C's, I was so surprised. There right in the rack in front of me was something I had never seen before. Not in any store, no pictures on the internet. At first I thought it was Gore Obsessed with a different cover. I am talking about Cannibal Corpse's "The Wretched Spawn / Worm Infested" limited edition.

I remember reading and posting that this was going to be released, but I suppose I had just forgotten about it. Needless to say, once I saw that any thoughts of buying a Slayer DVD were long forgotten.

The Wretched Spawn/Worm Infested
publisher: Metal Blade, released: 05 October, 2004
price: $17.98 (new), $15.58 (used)
The Wretched Spawn CD Worm Infested CD

The limited edition contains the Jewel Case CD of Cannibal Corpse's '02 EP release "Worm Infested"( Lyrics ). It also contains the uncensored "The Wretched Spawn" ( Lyrics ) complete with the bonus DVD. All three discs are packaged in a black cardboard slipcase similar to some American retail versions of "Gore Obsessed".

The Contents

The Wretched Spawn has a four way fold out that holds the CD and DVD, with the uncensored gore artwork that unfolds into a complete Cannibal Corpse splatter fest! Also, the pull out booklet contains more disgusting artwork, complete lyrics, and some great pics of the members of the band.

And if all that wasn't enough, you won't believe the price on this. Allthough mine was marked at $16.99, which would be a bargain, I was surprised to pay only $13.99 for both CDs, the DVD, all the Artwork, the booklet, and the slipcase!

Be sure and keep your eyes out at the record store, because you won't want to miss this.

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Wretched Spawn Worm Infested Limited Edition

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