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The Top 100 Death Metal Albums Of All Time

The members of this forum combined with members of several other death metal forums combined together to vote for and compile this list of the 100 greatest death metal albums ever heard. On these pages you will find pictures and summarys of the finest brutal death metal music ever heard. These are the albums you voted for, and while there are no doubt some great death metal albums that didn't make the list, these were voted to be the best most influential death metal albums ever recorded.
Browse these pages and look for your favorites.

1. Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse

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Tomb Of The Mutilated
Tomb Of The Mutilated, rates highest on our poll. One of Cannibal Corpse's best works, Tomb of the Mutilated features their most recognized song "Hammer Smashed Face" along with delightfully sick and twisted lyrics by gore-master lyricist Chris Barnes. Featuring the song titles and subject matter that set the standard and defined death metal during the 90s, songs such as "I Cum Blood" and "Addicted To Vaginal Skin" delight the death metal enthusiast with themes of cannibalism and necrophilia while the guitars, bass, and blast beats drive the point home. It doesn't get any heavier than this.

2. Butchered At Birth - Cannibal Corpse

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Butchered At Birth
We started writing material for our next release pretty much right after we recorded "Eaten Back To Life". With the exception of a few shows here and there it was months of us trying to be the most brutal band on earth. We just practiced our asses off and composed songs which I felt were full of aggression and completely unrelenting. A raw collection of pure death metal! Read More...

3. The Bleeding - Cannibal Corpse

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The Bleeding

If Cannibal Corpse appears to have much to prove- it's because they do. Being damned by every organization from The 700 Club, to Hard Copy, to Bob Dole, the Cannibal boys are continually reiterating that their lyrics, just like horror movies and books, are totally fictional. "People are used to lyrics being a preachy thing, so they just assume that our's are," explains Webster. "The same people that read horror novels get off on what we do," said Webster,"We're just an easy target because we're young and not in the same finacial league." Unlike Geraldo and Hard Copy, Cannibal Corpse aren't using innocent people to make money. "They're trash, we're fiction," exclames Webster.

Having appeared in the Jim Carey hit movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" in 1994, Cannibal have even begun to receive mainstream acceptance. "Cannibal's goal," says Webster, "is to pave the way for death metal, as a genre, to be taken seriously.

4. Vile - Cannibal Corpse

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Since their first release six years ago, Cannibal Corpse have risen as the dominant purveyors of shockingly brutal, horror derived, death metal music. Their latest release Vile, continues in the renowned regurgitating manner, while progressing to the next level of musical excellence.

5. None So Vile - Cryptopsy

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None So Vile

6. Eaten Back To Life - Cannibal Corpse

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Eaten Back To Life
After the December 1988 formation of Cannibal Corpse, the subsequent demo, and the signing of the band to Metal Blade Records, it was finally time to record our first album for the label. Being a big fan of Scott Burns because of his work on Sepultura's Beneath the Remains, we inquired about booking time with him at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, FL. In the meantime, we put the finishing touches on more material to fill the album. Up untill then, we wrote songs that were an average of two minutes in length. Five of these songs were released on our demo to lure record labels into signing us. The five demo songs were, in order: "A Skull Full Of Maggots", "The Undead Will Feast", "Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains", "Put Them to Death", and "Bloody Chunks". The longest of these songs clocking in at 2:46... Read More...

7. Gallery Of Suicide - Cannibal Corpse

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Gallery Of Suicide
�Gallery of Suicide,� Cannibal Corpse�s sixth studio effort, captured brutality in its purest form and condensed it into heavy, technical riffs, heart-pounding double-bass drums, and guttural vocals to appease the masses of anxious death metal fans. This album marked a couple turning points in the band�s career:

First, this is the Cannibal Corpse album produced by someone other than Scott Burns of Morrisound Recording Studios. This time, Jim Morris (also of Morrisound) took his place.

Second, this marks the first album on which former Nevermore guitarist Pat O�Brien plays second lead guitar after Rob Barrett�s two album reign comes to an end. Read More...

8. Deicide - Deicide

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This is one of the most important cornerstones in the history of the death metal gene and it is a geme that all death metal fans must have, no exceptions. This is just stright ahead, classic, evil, satanic, hellish, blasphemous, haunting, assulting, pulverizing, heavy, brutal death metal at it's ultimate best. It's everything that a satanic death metal fan could ask for and a whole lot more. So get it and take a trip curtesy of the 4 demons from Hell. Enjoy the ride.

9. Legion - Deicide

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With this album, Deicide is back for another round of attack. All of the evil, hellfire, brimstone, blasphemy, devestation and assult returns but with much more power than before. Every single song deliveres a strike of terror in the hearts of all who hear and leave listener scarestruck. Christains beware.

10. Bloodthirst - Cannibal Corpse

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Probably the most fearsome of the Cannibal Corpse albums, Bloodthirst is unrelenting. Guitarist Pat O'Brien really comes into his own on this album, bringing an element of shred to Cannibal Corpse's pounding madness. Songs such as Dead Human Collection and Ecstasy In Decay take the technial death metal introduced on their previous album Gallery Of Suicide, and inject ferocious amounts of energy which is a perfect match for George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's monstrous vocals.

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