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The Top 100 Death Metal Albums Of All Time

Here are the next 61-70 of the top 100 most brutally excellent Death Metal albums of all time.

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61. Insineratehymn - Deicide

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Deicide: Insineratehym - This album along with In Torment In Hell are said to be the worst albums that Deicide ever released by many fans as well as the metal press. Many people have many different opinions about it but it's an amazing ablum if people really take the time to listen to it. With this album, nothing really changes as far as the basic elements of the band are concern. All of the basics are all retained. The music is still evil, haunting, pulverizing, heavy, brutal death metal but with more groove and teachnicality to it. Lyricallly, the band still maintains their satanic beliefs but with more emphesis on the corruption of Christainity and religion and other important issues as well as some smell appearances of the "Satan, Satan, Satan" thing here and there. So this is basically another improvement as the band enhances in their dark craft.

62. Foreshadowing Our Demise - Skinless

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Foreshadowing Our Demise - Skinless.

63. The Ten Commandments - Malevolent Creation

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This one of the best classic death metal albums of the early 90's and a classic one it is indeed. One word that best discribes this album is scary and when you listen to it, your skin will freeze but at the same time, all of the heaviness, power, intensity, angry and brutality is not far behind. They just give a lot more dimention making the whole sound and atmostphere of the album more intimitating. So this isn't an album for the weak of heart... Read More...

64. Mental Funeral - Autopsy

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Death Metal
Autopsy's Mental Funeral.

65. Slaughtercult - Exhumed

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Continuing with their obvious grind-era Carcass worship along with early 90�s death metal influence (Cannibal Corpse and similar acts), Exhumed have released their second album, which lives up to the band�s name, as initially portrayed on their debut, �Gore Metal.� Death metal was not at its peak at the time of this release; on the contrary, I�d say it was somewhat jaded. It was jaded from the endless death metal clones that were constantly making music parallel to their favorite bands � no new bands really stood out at all because we�d all heard their material before they�d even released it. During the time of the seemingly never ending clone bands, Exhumed decided to step in and offer listeners another breath of fresh air, while nuking all of the bastard bands by dropping the �Slaughtercult� bomb on their armies. Now the majority of those bands are nothing more than a bunch of bad ideas long forgotten. Read More...

66. Wages Of Sin - Arch Enemy

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Wages Of Sin
One or two paragraphs about Wages Of Sin by Arch Enemy would go here.

67. Conquering the Throne - Hate Eternal

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One or two paragraphs about Hate Eternal would go here.

68. True Carnage - Six Feet Under

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One or two paragraphs about SFU's True Carnage would go here.

69. Maximum Violence - Six Feet Under

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One or two paragraphs about SFU's Maximum Violence would go here.

70. Cross the Styx - Sinister

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Sinister: Cross The Styx - This is one of the best death metal albums of the early 90's and it is a classic one indeed. The best way to describe it is an evil, satanic, skull crushing, pulverizing, heavy, brutal death metal journey throughout Hell. You will agree with that when you listen to it because this is the vibe of the album. The lyrics are as evil as can get and music however is just total heaviness and brutality. It's a fine edition to a brutal death metal maniac's collection. Completely recommended.

Choice Cuts: Perennial Mourning, Doomed, Cross The Styx, Corridors To The Abyss and Putrefying Remains

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