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Death Metal Reviews

Wormed - Planisphaerium

by: stickyshooz

Wormed Planisphaerium

I�ve come to realize that dictionaries everywhere need to be updated. Why? Because if you look up the word chaos as well as all of its synonyms, there aren�t any pictures of �Planisphaerium� next to the definitions! This album is purely murderous and utter brain rape insanity from start to finish. Wormed�s first album is twenty five minutes of razorblade death metal riffs, bludgeoning bass, erratic double bass, heaps of heavy riffs, savage howls, and of course, extra slabs of riffs.

Each song pulsates with inhuman brutality, rage, and sheer technical fervency that it makes my brain bleed out. If you�re expecting something that will slow down and comfort you when you�re deplored, then you are gravely mistaken. You�re more likely to receive a lesion rather than a pat on the back. �Tunnel of Ions� starts the album off with a sharp little guitar riff, which detonates the fuse on this baby and as a result, everything explodes into full out death metal Hell. God damnit, my shit has been ruined by the iron fist of booming bass, jaw dropping drum pummel, and super crunchy, shredding guitar riffs.

Mutilating riffs are always attacking you; there is no escape. The crunchy and sharp guitars slash and tear your skin away and rip it right off of your bones. There are many ultra technical riffs, similar to bands like Cryptopsy and later Cannibal Corpse, albeit they are not as punchy or possess as many hooks. The real problem is that the guitars aren�t loud enough. If you want to be battered and bashed, you need to have it LOUD! I want to be smashed into the ground until I�m suffocating and drowning in dominating riffs; not saved from it by some musical lifeguard (the ones who were responsible for the production of this album) who decided that the guitars were too dangerous to play with.

Ooooooo yay, while the lifeguards are busy with their dicks in their hands, the bass runs free causing complete chaos. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, DIE! The bass is easily heard in the mix as it grabs necks everywhere and smashes faces into the floor, leaving nothing but a bloody stump. That bass could break your face just by glancing at you if it wanted to. If anyone complained about the bass not being loud enough and they are still breathing today, then chances are that the bass deemed them unworthy of death and that going through life as a doofus would be much more of a fitting punishment.

Not enough beat down for you yet? Well, just wait until you get a taste of the throbbing drumming. Holy damn, this guy really goes above and beyond when it comes to speed while managing to keep it interesting. You know what I�m tired of? All of those death metal bands that just use blast beats, blast beats, and surprisingly, more blast beats�you won�t ever find Wormed using that clich� method in such a redundant manner like their �predecessors.� The burley drum sound is like taking a hammer in face at the speed of a chain gun.

Hey, Schwarzenegger! Drop that chain gun and just carry Andy C. in your pocket whenever you want to really terminate something. This time no one will be back. This time, everyone dies.

It�s good to see that there is still some metal, especially death metal (which generally takes the cake for recursive and dull lyrics), that possesses lyrical intellect. What really strikes me into awe is the bands singer, Phlegeton, which happens to be one of the bands most distinguishable features. Holy shit, this guy sounds like a more guttural version of Lord Worm (Cryptopsy)! It�s almost impossible to believe that a human is capable of producing such raging, skull-fucking shrieks and growls. Listeners might want to take the safety of their temporal lobes into consideration before getting a taste of Phlegeton�s monstrous vocals.

I dare anyone to read about the concept of this album (this information can be obtained off of the band�s official website) and give feasible testament that the album�s story comes up short in the light of brilliance. Space, time, evolution, dimensions, and planets are the main keys in this unusual theme. Each song plays a unique roll in the story, but I leave it up to you, the reader, to discover that for yourself.

So, you think Dying Fetus is brutal? Give this a listen and learn what real insanity and violence sounds like. However, don�t tell anyone that I recommended this, because I do not want to be blamed for being an indirect factor for any brain damage that may occur.

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